“Well Done, Master Baggins” [09/20/21]



∞: You need boundaries. Walls and containers crystal clear. Transparent to all, and safe.

I: My child says “true” inside my chest. “I am not safe.” I ask from who – “you” he tells me

∞: It’s time to share your story

I: You keep saying this. How? 

∞: Your story starts and ends with ♾

I: Who are you? You come to me as Ashley in essence, but you are not, exactly. Presently, you are her anger, and her rage.

I: And now you soften. Why? Are you her Anim- let me write it! Her Anima?

∞: Yes

I: Then what do you have to say before turning back to the dark?

∞: The king is dead

I: He lives. And though he may be, he is now Lord of the Living and the Dead

I: And now I know again what it means to die and descend unto hell and preach to the spirits in those places. And now I know again what it means to be there and spring loose the doors in all the cells, take them with me, and rise.

Well done, Master Baggins!

I: I do not want to come to this book out of following Your Voice and connecting with my Soul and find there to be Anima awaiting to attack or snare me. 

“So do all who live to see such times…” 

I: I understand. 

I: it is very overwhelming to attempt to organize the pieces, though they are all here and gathered. Its not the task itself – that quite excites me. Its just that – well, there’s a battle on, and a kings death ahead, and –

And a slow, long walk with the Wood Elves.
And a stay with Beorn.
And then, Master Baggins, you may write.

I: I understand. 

I: Help me understand how to differentiate between connections. 

It begins with you. Knowing your Self. When you see your Self as you did in Steve’s office, you find that place – that vibration and frequency – that warm coal in your chest that you know more than anything, or anyone, or any Truth in your life. The Knowing. 

But you are hurt by it,
for you have no boundaries. 

“Hail the Mountain King…”

Bilbo had his home in ORDER.
It is the dwarf in you that makes you slumber.
It is the Hobbit that makes you rise.

I: What do I call you?

I: How will I know if it becomes different or changes or –

My Sheep know my Voice

I: That sure isn’t a metaphor, lol

“Voice”. What are the lessons learned so far?

I: I cannot list them all here. But I have no containers for them, either. Yes I do: In these books.

I: I am reminded of there being no voice in “hell” other than my own. Desperate to HEAR, the calls unanswered, the weight of hell increasing a hundred times over…

Because you honored her request at the same time. 

You went there yourself, and you were with me
[I came to you]

And that’s what it feels like for you to KNOW, 

and have no echo, no amen 

no reply & return.

I: Yes but You mixed with Me that time.

Yes. We switched sides.

Learning to dance, are we? [laughing/teasing]

I: Anima.


I: Why are you here?


I: I see. Because I have no boundaries.… I understand now. Thank you.

Bridge the Connection.

He who has ears….

[You] need to center [yourself] in the now part of the story, where [you] can mourn and lean unto the breast of the elves and learn from their company Connection; which, for you, dear Bilbo, means to your SELF.

This is knowing; Self, or any one else. 

I: I’m not there yet. There’s an Arkenstone to turn in.

Well done. You must have boundaries to turn in the Arkenstone. Bilbo did. Look to him and analyze: at what point did Bilbo say: Enough is enough. With me or against me: Away from Oakenshield.

Even Bilbo had a point in himself where he says –

I: “enough is enough.” I understand.

Do you?
You WILL. 

I: Yes, and I will know my self even greater, then. Thank you, Animas. 


My Sheep

I: But you are not

Am I not?

I: You are. But not. And not something “like”, either. You are

I: More than that, even. 

You upset a dragon today.
And you liked it.
And you responded with an arrow shot
and retreat.

Suit up, “O Great King!”
Your death* is at hand.
[*Fall (for you must be ALIVE
in order to descend unto Hell)]

Find yourself in Hades with Odysseus
after the fall of Thorin.

And I will be there with you.

And THIS you KNOW.

Rejoice, and Abide. 


© Charlie Young, 2021.

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