“Show Me King and Integrate” [09/22/21]

September 22, 2021

Steve: What do you really want to tell me? 

I: That I am afraid. And when I am afraid, I speak. 

S: Go on

S: And when I am afraid, I become terrified.

S: Yes

I: And when I become terrified, I speak (and am quite good at it)

S: And now?

I: …….. *unable to speak*……..

∞: Zecharias, too. 

Fall on your knees. 
Be Still and Know.


I: I’m scared of my Self. 

Know You,
Know Me.

Are you afraid of Me? 
You should be. 

Steve: Let’s go back to the laughter.

I: Laughter? What are you referring to? 

S: The laughter earlier. Why were you laughing? 

I: When? Was I?

S: yes…. You were drawing a pyramid, with a hole in the side, and bridge over the water

∞: The pyramid is plundered

∧: The act is over

∞: Lukey poo… Wakey wakey

Yesterday is GONE

꩜: Praise God

I: the symbol ∧ …. Who are you?

∧: three lives you have been living
this will be your only time to live

I: Yes, and I am afraid.

∞: Of yourself, still?
     Why don’t you try trusting your Soul?
     Do you trust hers?

I: I did – but I do not trust her as I did before

∞: Those are not the same thing.
Nor were you trusting Soul.
You are not yourself.
You are your cute, cute Charlie.
It’s safer there, after all.

ɣ: Show me King and integrate. 


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