“Are You Ready To Begin?” [09/24/21]

Sept. 24. 2021

When you abide in Me
All things are possible
You have nothing but the Vine.
Are you ready to grow?

Are you ready to begin?

Abiding begins here *drawing*
And ends here *drawing*

I: I’m understanding the square as boundaries or walls or containers. But how am I to understand the others practically? This is becoming very woo-woo and uncomfortable. I wish to remain as I have been – if I begin to spend time researching into the mysteries and meanings of these things, by myself, I fear I will be flooded and drowned. The truths coming up now are stronger, and more direct, and clearly there is a numinous process/event taking place. But my Soul needs nourishment, protection, revitalization. My Soul has no fight left. It cannot give – and not because of cowardice. 

∞: But there IS a coward here 

I: Who?

∞: You

I: Who am I?

∞: You are no Batman

I: What? 

The Dream.
What chapter is it?  
Missing, Believed-To-Be-Dead, Spotted, or Returned? 

I: In-between “Believed-to-be-dead” and “spotted”

So then. 
What. Chapter. Is it? 

I: The alleyway

That chapter has been told. 

This is the chapter where you had to decide to cross the line.
This is the chapter where you HAD to put on the suit. To do it. Because it must be done. And was meant to, somehow, fall upon You to do it, the One who knows who he really is and who knows the heart of the mountain king. Will you do this for him? Will you give this city HOPE? 

Wear the cape and cowl
as you had to then
and I promise you: 
we, the City in You, 
will BELIEVE again


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