“Find Your Chapter” [09/25/21]

Sept. 25, 2021

What are you afraid of? 
Act like its real, 
even if its not, 
and soon you’ll find it is

I: since thats the case, I need mental simplification on my tasks. 

You have them.
What is your next excuse?
Go back to the task list left for you. 
Read it with present feeling, and come back to disclose your present

I: I am going to flip back and forth. I will write my observations accordingly. 

I: I feel overwhelmed when looking too long at one of them

I: I see a story behind each one, and each one has its own unique pitch and singular sounding song whose lyrics and sound I cannot quite make out

That’s it
Keep going there

I: I use my ears to hear the music
   And the music stirs me *begins drawing*

The music
What is “the music”
but vibrations and frequencies,
entering ear and stirring soul?

Find your chapter.
What chapter is it?

Find your soundtrack

I: The ones I’ve made!

Yes. Cant you see?
This is the WHOLE point
and here is NOW

So press PLAY
And lean in
to the story’s chapter of the hour

When is it?
Tell the story. 

Fill in the gaps
in YOUR own words.

It was the news story that broke him most, in places down below he hadn’t known existed before. Caverns deep into wilderness, where the beggars and thieves have been hiding for ages and right underneath you, the entire time.

It was the moment when he saw his cave had been plundered – not only just the manor and estate above. The moment he looked and thought – this fall was on ME and my mighty shoulders. 

And the risen shall Rise
With a newness of Old
And thus something altogether Whole
Within itself and by itself
But not itself by itself, for it is not alone

But held -itself- together
and suspended by the Fullness *drawing*

and the Fullness is found within *drawing*

I: May I leave these here and not return to them until we are prepared and have present awareness and energy to offer unto it?

You mean “Connection”

I: Oh wow

*interrupted by text from D about Dear Evan Hansen soundtrack*

∞: What parts trigger you?

You could get lost here,
in this advanced chapter

∧: What you gonna dooo

Lift up the serpent

You will be found

The shape of the mountain
and the source of its roots

Act your part, Master Ridley
And let the Man be born

I: How then? What are you telling me? 

Step into the Sun

I: I am uncomfortable

꩜: Breathe when activated

꩜: We got roots and we know how to use ‘em


I: Today it feels a little bit closer

Let us examine as to why
Was it Soul, perhaps?
Or some magic or outside force? 

Or was it your self of your self
stepping out and into the shoes
meant to be found by you? 

Who are you?
Answer it here:
*drawing of a underground hollow cave, the underworld*

You have no cape and cowl here
Just shine
As above,

So below

Integrate this.

Be sober minded
and filled with joy
Wise as
innocent as doves


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