“Reign Below” [09/27/21]

Sept. 27, 2021

∞: You cannot give what you do not have. 

Won, the battle is. 
Remove the ∞. 

I: Why tell me this? Why say “lift up the serpent’?

I did not.

[fish/cross]: I did. 

Lift up the Truth. 
In your own soul.

*mountain drawing, YANA*

∞ = the lesson used to teach you connection

You will take no stone

I: Christ my stone

Bridge the connection, child

∞: Birth, death,
buried, rise,
there’s no place
where Light won’t shine
whether here or there
or here at home
unto your self
unto your soul

I: If on the way to hell you be,
Then take the Mad King, Lord, with thee
Buried under hollow tree
to join your descent into the deep
perhaps it wasn’t easy to
And Rise
If you do not reign below
You cannot, will not,
reign above

To join the reign and the rise,
abide and shine

If Thorin isn’t resting,
it’s the sword glowing.
Dark shadows draw near.

[fish/cross]: Luke
Hold fast
and take heart
and follow the path.
Find me, find peace.
Wind, be still.
Home, child.


I: Soul! Where are you, o my soul? You run, and you hide, and I cannot find you in this deepest dark

*faintly* I cannot shine….

I: Oh my soul! Shine where you are!


I: Oh my soul!
   Remember your salvation, 
the LORD, the risen savior,
Jesus Christ whose breast you lay in now

[fish/cross]: Catch the tiger by the tail.
You are mine, and I am yours

Who carries them?
Who holds them?
God the Father.

You are both.
Above, and Below.
But whoever Is King
will reign them both.

Do you reign in the Dark
with Him?
Then Rule.


(A soul activity)

What is hell?
Echoes, none
Willfull no reply.

How DARE you

You used it for yourself

I: Who for, then?

You and I, Child.
Integrate this.

What chapter is it? 

“And God said to them,
‘Where are you?’” (Gen 3) 

Do you remember

Empath it

Hell hast beheld a buried king.

But this time, one with a ring.



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