“I Will Make Peace” [10/14/21]

October 14, 2021

600 years ago
You let open
You remember
You renounce it

I: yes

What do you renounce

I: the connection

*drawing of a repaired 3-pillared bridge over water*

Attend to O——O the bridges
And triple the armed guard
For the sword of the King glows


You sneaky, tricky, filthy Hobbit.
You got in.


I: No….Wait…. I am a Kent.
And what is The Batman’s #1 rule?
Do. Not. Kill…..
Rather, Master it…..And Integrate it. Rule. Ordo.
Where does it go? 
Where does it belong?

I: I will no longer call you evil
I will make peace with you and your kin
For you are creations as I 
and we have a common disposition
of a grand ingratiation to Other

I: our peace shall consist in these two things:
(1) An understanding of REIGN
(2) An understanding of ORDO


Look back

I: Ok, I am

We scratched it there hard for you

I: I know, chill –
we are not a war anymore, remember?
We have peace and understanding. 

It is good to be at Peace

I: Yes, it is.

I: Is this conversion?


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