“Time To Integrate” [10/10/21]

October 10, ’21

I am Ashley’s angel

I: You changed your symbol

I need none
Hold fast to what you know
Not for her
For you


What chapter is it? 

I: It’s time to integrate. Is that why you are here? To aid unto that end? 

That, and more.

I: What more?

That is not yours.
Yours is to own and tell your story.

I: How can I?

From the English Teacher? 

I: Help me tell

You need none.

I: Help me remember

I’ve helped you all along : )
I am one of many.

I: I am…. confused.

There are more of us, you know.
Those here to aid you, guide you,
comfort you, be your guiding light home. 

I: I cannot see the Way. It is lost. Is there even a Way anymore? 

~The Way~
Integrate this

Shall we walk, Petey? 
Ever though about what the walk BACK to the boat was like?
Do you think he was laughing? 


Do not confuse the “angel” with the person
This is a “demonic” trick

I: Akin to Jung’s anima? 

Similar, yes

I: No more of this, please. Thanks


I: I am meaning, I must rest and integrate. Goodbye. 


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