“Permanent Consequences” [10/06/21]

October 6, 2021 

꩜: Luke
I love you
      so much

back to AJ,
back to God,
then Welcome Home


*mandala drawing*

I: I can see now that there are permanent consequences for not following my intuition

∞: there’s rules, and you gotta follow ‘em


 ꩜: Luke
Take deep breaths

 ꩜: good
       more often

Ashley’s angel

∞: Hi

I: I can’t do this all right now. I need healing and wholeness. I have let down my soul, and my own [inner] Child no longer trusts me, and is nowhere to be found now. 

Abide in me

*interrupted by phone call from RT*
“…I know you are walking through hell and back right now – again…”


I: please…. no more….

This is the part
where we walk together


Bridge the connection.

We’re not going back there in this place, bubba.
This is new territory. New land.
The difficult path. The chosen way. 

You did not stand and fight until the end. 
When you did, you were slaughtered. 
As we knew and said, long before.

The lesson was in the standing.
In the fighting. 
This is what love DOES.
It protects and keeps and guards, at all costs. 

The lesson was in the following of your knowing. 
The bravery that comes from shining within. 

The lesson was in learning to hear your Child, 
to see his hurt and mistrust of you and to earn it
by follow through with actions 

What did you have to stand and face?
What is yours to own? 


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