“The Shape Of The Mountain and Source Of Its Roots” [10/18/21]

Oct 18, 2021

It has taken as long as it needed to have taken


The Shape of the Mountain
and the Source of its Roots


I: I don’t know what this second drawing means

Yes you do
Analyze it

How is different than the Mountain in the first

I: I see…. I need to analyze in order to interpret. 


I: Comparing the drawings…. This person lacks a full integration of the 2nd and 3rd parts of his self, assumedly the divine feminine and divine masculine aspects. (Or at least, that what I’m referring to them as until I understand better… )

I: Secondly, I see a lack of the full integration of his person, or personality within the self. Comparing the two, the second picture lacks the divisions of the Circle into 4 parts. There is no [four-fold division within the circle], no division and order unified harmony. I am recalling a page from months ago, where these were marked as earth, wind, water, fire….? Comparing the two pictures, the second is without this division. Are they mixed? Contained all together? Uncontrolled? Unordered? Either way…. I perceive that there is no Ordo (and thus no Rule) within this person’s Self, due to a lack of full integration of all aspects of his personality, as well as the small central circle that locks them and sustains them from within. These all must be brought together and integrated.

I: Also, there is a problem with his Reign. I notice there is no small circle within the larger circle – that is missing from the second picture. It is missing the small circle deeply set within it.  Could this mean the Inner is not reflecting the Outer? That there must be a “so below” to the “as above”?

That’s you

Bridge the connection

Abide *drawing*

Integrate *drawing*

Reign *drawing*

Rule *drawing*

Rise *drawing*


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