“Finish The Book” [10/13/21]

October 13, 2021

A few days since last entry. Honestly, it [last entry] creeps me out. But when I went back today and read it, what I noticed was how embarrassed I was feeling – shame, almost. Which is absurd (under the circumstances) and so I spot it as Ego.

And it’s massive. And angry. And afraid.

Dropped dow low 
under the mountain, he is.
The rumble 
is due to the glow 
from the mad king’s sword.

Wise as servpants,
Innocent as doves.


My soul is a woman
How do I care for her? 

Do you find this idea crazy? 
What would it look like
if a person lived that way?
What would be the fruits 

of a life lived
from Soul? 


Finish the book;
It is time to live again.
It is something tangible to Me
It is My map
My chosen heritage
Assembled and Re-Integrated
The stepping out
And stepping in
The great Step of all Steps

Integrate or Die

Stay with Me.
You must focus
to make the steps from here.



Who you gonna be, Ralph?
Boy of mystery

The quiet tounge
Light and Shadow flickering, still unsure. 
Who you gonna be, horse boy? 
No candy
No apples to eat

Who you gonna BE? 


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