Midnight Mindfulness ~XII~

by Ron Whitehead

When the dead speak
I listen.

Since I was a boy
I have listened to the dead.

At 3 and 4am
the world is silent.

That’s when I rise
from my dream filled sleep.

The veil between worlds
is translucent, often transparent.

With one foot
in the subconscious

and the other foot
in the conscious

I am open
to receive clear visions,


The world is quiet.
Best time to commune with

the dead,
with beings

who dwell in other realms.
A time to be silent

and listen,
contemplate, reflect,

with the dead,

with spirits
from other realms,

with all and everything,

and unseen.
A time of seeing,

of seeing more than
the physical,

of accepting
and embracing,

with open arms,
beings who now dwell

in what we call

If you wake up
from a vivid dream

at 3 or 4am
pay close attention.

Your intuition is strong then.
There are few or no worldly interruptions.

All days are days of the dead
but some days are stronger than others.

Now is the best time
to commune with the dead,

with friends and family
who have journeyed on,

and to thank them
for the spiritual guidance

they continue
to provide,

as they have become
our spirit guides.

Let us thank them
for their warm embrace

of everlasting


[Art: Boris Groh]

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