Dream Journal: Old Acquaintances [09/14/21]

September 14, 2021

Lots of dreams over the past few days. Every night. Each one important. Each difficult to remember, and pretty much lost upon waking.

But each one was so, so lucid, or weighty in importance somehow…. Why can’t I remember them? 

Last nights though was a big one, and its hard to remember but the last part of it still sticks out to me this morning:

At one point in the dream Charlie and I were packing up the car (with our belongings?) for a trip someplace, or a departure, or a leaving. We were going someplace. He was a bit more older and grown, 10-12 I’d guess.

We went to a house to see some old acquaintances. It was a white house in an England/New England countryside suburb. AL’s mother answered the door when I knocked. I was surprised; I didn’t know that she’d be here. I greeted her, and she greeted Charlie and I, and she invited us inside. This house was not the L house – rather, it felt like an office of some kind, housing many people during work hours.  

We explained to AL’s mom that we came by to see everyone, and to share with them of a particular desert that Charlie and I had.

We walked around to the various rooms inside, offering our desert and saying hello to old friends and acquaintances

A was there, somewhere in the building – for whatever reason, though, we did not encounter her in the house visit.

We visited a few old acquaintances but I dont remember who. It felt like Winston people or people tied to/related to Winston, somehow. 

D was there. She was one of the main reasons for us going to the house that day. Her desk/office space area (which was near the reception/commons) was the last desk we visited before leaving. D tried to scoop the desert out from the dish we brought it in (she had to scoop it out with her finger). However, she couldn’t get it all the way out, and so she did not eat it. D briefly mentioned a person named “Colton” or something like that…. it felt like a previous boyfriend or acquaintance or something….. and she told me how she has had this particular desert (or maybe heard of it) before (presumably with him).

AL’s mom saw us to the door. She warm and loving, and she wanted me to know how genuinely glad she was to see us and thankful we stopped by.


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