Dream Journal: Vagus Nerve [09/11/21]

Sept 11, 2021

I don’t exactly remember the circumstances, or what or why, but I had a dream how about someone talking about the parasympathetic and the vagus nerve. I was inside somewhere, a house I think…. but more like a large parlor or living room. It felt like an impromptu lecture hall in someone’s home. And antique. The person speaking, for whatever reason, I knew to be Carl Jung – although it did not look like Carl Jung. To be more specific – and though this makes little logical sense – it felt as if it were a Carl Jung disguised as another person whom people did not realize was actually Carl Jung (or his essence animating the person giving the lecture). 

A small group of people filled the room. They were sitting in chairs listening to the lecture. I was standing in the room, observing the lecture from against the wall, at a short distance on the speakers left hand side. It felt like I was an invisible apparition watching the scene. 

The speaker was in the middle of giving his lecture. Although I was observing the scene, and although I could observe him speaking, I couldn’t hear/make sense of the words he was saying. 

Suddenly, in the middle of giving his speech/lecture, he turned turned to his left, intentionally looked directly at me, and said to me very clearly in a sort of personal aside meant for me: “Vagus Nerve. Parasympathetic.” 

Then he turned back to the crowd, and continued giving his lecture.

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