Dream Journal: Meeting Room [11/1/21]

November 1, 2021

I was sitting at a long table in what felt like a meeting room. I was alone on my side of the table. AL sat across from me. It felt like there was another person on AL’s side of the table, or perhaps another person (or persons) in the room, but I don’t remember seeing anyone.

SL walked in the door (which was to my left). He walked in with someone but I don’t remember who. SL and this person were talking aloud as they walked in. I glanced over at AL – she did the same with me and gave gave a sort of quick acknowledgement of “yup” or “here we go” with her eyes.

SL approached the table, walking towards the side of it that I was on. He ignored my presence and walked behind me, making his way to another chair on my side of the table. SL didn’t acknowledge me or even share eye contact, and he didn’t say anything to me at all; there was felt tension, animosity, and scorn. I looked across the table at AL. She looked at me with a sort of friendly smirk that felt in meaning something like “well? gonna say anything?” or “oooo….wonder what youre gonna do/say in this awkward situation”

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