Dream Journal: Ka Has Your Heart [10/21/21]

October 21, 2021

I dreamed I was in a psychotherapy session with Jordan Peterson. We were in a counseling office, and he was sitting in a chair across from me.

About midway through his psychoanalysis, he casually and confidently leaned back in his chair and said, “The problem is, you just don’t give a damn.” He was casual and flippant in his feedback, almost with a sort of “oh yes, I know your type; young men like you are rampant in our society.” He didn’t see the full picture but assumed that he did. 

As the analysis continued, something happened. He suddenly saw something that he hadn’t seen before. He became very serious, intrigued, and excited even. His disposition changed, and his curiosity suddenly peaked. He leaned forward in his chair, peering closer. His eyes widened, and he finally, truly saw me, or the problem, or both.  

His eyes were dancing with shock and wonder. He peered into me closely, almost in disbelief at what he saw. He recognized something there that he didn’t see before, and this seeing dismantled his “the problem is, you don’t give a damn” prognosis. He leaned back into his chair, halfway exhausted as if finally solving some puzzle. He looked me square in the eyes, his eyes alive with a sort of dead serious excitement, and he softly and intently said (with wide eyes): “Ka has your heart.” 


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