Evening Mindfulness ~ XVI ~

What is important and meaningful to my life is that I shall live as fully as possible to fulfill the divine will within me.

This task gives me so much to do that I have no time or any other.

Let me point out that if we were all to live in that way we would need no armies, no police, no diplomacy, no politics, no banks.

We would have a meaningful life and not what we have now—madness.

What nature asks of the apple-tree is that it shall bring forth apples, and of the pear-tree that it shall bring forth pears.

Nature wants me to be simply man.

But, a man conscious of what I am, and of what I am doing.

God seeks consciousness in man.

This is the truth of the birth and the resurrection of Christ within.

As more and more thinking men come to it, this is the spiritual rebirth of the world. Christ, the Logos—that is to say, the mind, the understanding, shining into the darkness.

Christ was a new truth about man.

Mankind has no existence. I exist, you exist.

But mankind is only a word.

Be what God means you to be; don’t worry about mankind which doesn’t exist, you are avoiding looking at what does exist—the self.

You are like a man who leans over his neighbor’s fence and says to him: “Look, there is a weed. And over there is another one. And why don’t you hoe the rows deeper? And I why don’t you tie up your vines?”

And all the while, his own garden, behind him, is full of weeds.

~ Carl Jung, C.G. Jung Speaking, p 75

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