Dream Journal: Father II [c. 2019]

c. 2019

I found myself in a mass of people, at a funeral reception, and I soon realized, “I’ve had this dream before….”

And I knew I was having (not in it, but having it again as if for the first time) the dream I had before, years back. It was very odd.

The dream repeated itself, while I was in it and experiencing it, and it felt like I was watching it again. Along for the ride, perhaps; but it was experience it again, as well, like the first time. The same dream, same details, same reunion, same hug.

Same staggering realness.

But this time – it continued after the hug.

As we pulled away from the hug, my Dad looked at me, with his face close to mine, and the expression on his face had not changed, but rather had adopted another shade in its color or meaning. And there was seriousness, and an ancient wisdom, and He looked at me and said, “If you want to be a good father, be a good man.”

It was sacred. Impossible to describe. It felt like the scene in the lion king; best I know how to describe it.

And then I woke up.


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