Dream Journal: Lock the Doors

This dream occurs several times, beginning from my mid- teens to late-20’s.


The dream takes place in the house where I was born and raised. I lived there until graduating from high school.

Someone is trying to get inside the house. There are other people in the house I am responsible for, I think maybe my younger siblings i was watching over and taking care of. There are others, too, smaller or younger than me, but not blood related.

Each time the person (or persons) comes to the door, I rush to ensure the house is locked, and then huddle everyone together and comfort them.

Most of the time it would be a dark shadowy person (or what felt like a person); sometimes more than one. I couldn’t see them at all, but would just know that they were at the front door, or approaching it.
sometimes I could catch glimpses of them from the windows in the dining room and the den.

I intuitively knew that the person at the front door meant to harm us. I would rush to the front door and make sure that it’s locked. Next, I’d rush to the garage door (sometimes it would be open; if the kids we were playing outside, for example) and make sure it’s shut. Then, id rush to the backyard door and lock it as well.

There is one instance where I found that the front door wasn’t locked. This was quite terrifying. The handle was turning, and the door was beginning to budge open. I remember feeling panic and guilt and fear about not endure the door had been locked. I pushed back against the door and it pushed back against me. I was able to push it back far enough to safely deadbolt it shut.

The Backyard door was itself a very large window and you can see out onto the patio without any blinds. I stationed myself there and keep watch through the glass. Sometimes they’d enter the backyard through the gate or by climbing over the fence.

Sometimes they would press their faces up against the glass, shout and mock and taunt us, or try to scare us. We knew that we were safe because the doors were locked; But the younger ones I was watching over would become upset and afraid. I remember giving them comfort and singing to them.


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