Dream Journal: Part 3 [11/17/21]

Last night I had a dream.

I got up off the couch, and walked up to the cross.

He called me to it. Told me to come.

I walked up to him, placed my hand on his chest, and said, “Oh sacred heart now beating, beat thou forever in mine.”

My hands slid down his body, admiring him in wonder all the way down to his feet, his nail-pierced, bleeding feet….I touched the nails, the toes, the feet over and over in awe. There was so much power in the blood.

I looked up at him. He looked at me with gentle eyes, and he said to me:

“You must write Part 3. For me. You must.”

It was so soft and so gentle
So solid and solemn and firm
I touched his feet over and over in wonder
I felt excited and brave
but like Peter when he saw the waves

And then I woke up.


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