Notes: The Hawk and The Crow

November 20, 2021

I went out to the treehouse to do some personal work and research. I was wanting to gain a better grasp of the Egyptian concept of Ka. I needed a better understanding of it intellectually. I was looking for bridges of connection with personal insights in order integrate its meaning into my life in a practical way.

I settled in and began. I looked up, and noticed a hawk flying towards me. The hawk landed in the tree on my left, about 50 yards away.

A sparrow from the branches underneath flew away.

The hawk stayed. He watched.

Then I heard a repetitious cawing, from a crow some distance behind me. I turned and looked and saw the crow flying straight towards the hawk. His caw grew louder as the crow came closer. The crow flew straight towards the tree and roused the hawk from where he was perched.

The hawk flew directly towards me and the treehouse. He flew slowly, and steadily, as if unbothered by the crow.

My eyes followed the hawk as he flew closer. He circled me, twice above me over my head, in two perfect circles. He was so close as he flew. I could see his eyes. We made eye contact.

After the second circle above me in the sky, the hawk flew away. But not far. He landed in a tree about 100 yards away.

He sat there, perched on a limb, watching towards the treehouse.

I could hear his calls as I worked.


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