Journal: Integrate The King [11/2/21]

November 2, 2021

𝝠: Welcome back.

Calm down.
Take some breaths.
Time to integrate the King

The Arrow points up.
Simulateously, it lacks a bottom containment.
The primordial force of the energy
-underneath and uncontained-
pushes it upward

The first step 
is to ride out
and meet it
and contain it.

Only the King can do this

The Good King meets it
Welcomes it
Receives it
Unto his dominion

Did not the King of Kings
receive sin unto himself
and become One with it,
and bearing it now forever with him
as testified by the eternal marks on his body?
Do they not proclaim his great and final becoming?

Then, we’ll square it


But first:

Every emotion
Every rise from below
Must be met
And welcomed
And contained by the welcome
For the welcome is from the King
And to be welcomed by Him
Means to enter his land
And his rule

To shy away from what rises
is to revert to boyhood


Automatic writing sketch while meditating/active imagination. Date: October 4, 2020. It was the first time the symbol in the middle appeared in any writing/exercises/meditations, and it would not appear again until Nov. 2, 2021. This drawing, which came about during an odd and creepy session, has bothered me for over a year. I forgot all about the strange random symbol in the middle until it would appear a year later, on Nov. 2, ’21.

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