Journal: The Good King [11/4/21]

November 4, 2021

That (crucifix on the wall)
Is equivalent to that (O + 𝝠)

To ride out and meet it
is to take it into and unto your Self.

To become it.

The O does not become a 𝝠
The O becomes

by taking the 𝝠 into and unto itself.

This is what the King does.
This is what the Christ does.
He becomes it.

This is containment.

The God Man.

To do no wrong
is to do many wrongs


꩜: Luke
Sing to me

꩜: Luke
Love you
Hope in Christ


You said you wanted to make a baby out of who? *
And in what order?

What chapter is it?

You have known me in part.
Now know me in whole.


I: Talking to Christ is talking to the King


To place a O around the 𝝠
is to provide the 𝝠 with containment
security and safety

to place the O around the 𝝠
is to bring the shepherd unto the sheep
and the sheep into the Shepherd

It is Psalm 23

It is the Good Shepherd
The Good King
and sign of his rule

“And seeing them, he felt compassion,
for the were like sheep without a shepherd.” **


* Referencing a professional intention I set almost exactly a year ago: “I want to make a baby out of Freud, Carl Jung, and Jesus” (Clinical Psychology + Depth Psychology + Spirituality)

** Matthew 9:36 – “Now when Jesus saw the crowds, he had compassion for them because they were troubled and helpless, like sheep without a shepherd.”

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