Journal: Bridges [11/9/21]

November 9, 2021

You just entered into the energy of the Magician.
He is what rises.

Center him.

Luke –

Work to do.
To shy away from what rises
is to revert to boyhood.

Do not judge what rises.
Do not suppress what rises

Whether it comes from above,
or below,
it comes.

What comes across the bridges
and into the Garden
must pass at your will and bidding.

The flaming sword of Eden
is yours to command.

The archetypes don’t come in through the bridges.
They exist in the land, the space, the egg, and do not leave.
The bridges are the roads to distant lands connected to ours.

You would do well to guard them.

I: Is the 𝝠 “magician”? Or, Archetype? Both?



You revert when you cut me off in frustration


Who shall you set upon the bridge to East and West?


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