Journal: Contain Them [11/13/21]

November 13, 2021

What terrifies me about this man
is not that he can not
but that he will not

The reasons driving a man to that
are few

[Drawing. An intricate figure-8 is emerging from the horizon as a rising sun, coming up out of the ground. 3 round seeds are to the right of it above the horizon line, and 3 flows/streams of a river flow from the rising sun out into the land. The third stream of the river flows down through the land and on towards a newly built pyramid – it stops before reaching it, and the drawing stops short, incomplete]

Have you called your son and your people?


Contain them


Do what you can do,
within your garden.

When you contain yourself,
and all that is within you,
you encircle the 𝝠

You flame the sword
and encircle yourself

You kick out the deceiver
and protect the tree within

You allow what rises to rise,
but now within your realm,
your land.

You withhold the people from suffering,
caused needlessly by your hands.

And you direct them all unto you:
the arrows
the sufferings
the strifes

You listen to their voices,
and feel what’s yours to feel

And you bring order to the chaos
in the land and the realm within.


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