Journal: Eat From The Tree [11/14/21]

November 15, 2021

Do not eat from the tree



Christ is the tree
and I shall eat his flesh
and drink his blood
as often as I come to him
and that garden

Why did Christ sweat drops
of blood? 

Was it to atone the garden ground
before atoning the gardener
kicked outside the camp? 

From what was his blood shed
in the garden
before spilling it on the ground outside?

Oh, blood was shed.

Christian, you have sorely missed the atonement
in fullness.

Beloved – let us know,
let us press on to the prize
and find Him to be our great reward

I will eat from the tree

I will eat and be satisfied
and see myself for who I am
and not run and hide
but encircle the chaos
and surround it with fire
and the seraphim of heaven.

Inside the garden,
I will eat
Outside the garden,
I will work the land
and remember what it means
to be human


We gotta put you back together, Osiris 


[Drawing: cross on a hill, with a serpent on the cross beam]


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