If I Were Fearless

November 2, 2020
McKinney, TX


If I were fearless…

I’d say what I mean, and only that. 

If I were fearless…

I’d walk with my head held high. 

If I were fearless…

I’d breathe slower, deeper breaths.

If I were fearless…

I’d look for things more, with open eyes and heart, yearning for discovery… growth… wholeness… home.

If I were fearless…

I’d be a man that counted the cost, that seen both sides of the coin, that knows the heights of abundance and joy, and has plundered the pit caves of despair, utter wanting, and fear.

I’d be a man who has been for himself to both of those worlds, who has conversed with their gods, and conquered their monsters.

I’d be a man sure of himself, and certain of his mission.

I’d be a man undeterred, a mountain, a rock. Courage unmovable. It’s great strength. 

I’d be a man that did not fear failure. 

I’d be a man afraid of only ONE thing: myself, and the disposition and will of shadow being the only serious threat to achieving a life fully lived, and lived well.

I’d be a man unstoppable.

For who could stop the Lord? 

Cardó Massif, Spain.
July 2006.

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