Journal: Set [11/25/21]

Nov. 25, 2021

Love is Lonely
and Full of Hope
For it rejoices at Truth



I: Soul! What rises?

∞: Set

I: What does he want?

∞: Your heart

I: Why does he want it?

∞: It is the only thing he does not possess.

I: My heart is my own. What would it give you, Set, to have it? Come now to the table and speak. You lie in the realm of the King. Be heard, now. What would you want it for?

S: To keep you from you

I: Yes, clearly that would keep a man detached from his Self unto death, would it not?

S: It would

I: And this is what you seek

S: It is

I: Then let us dig a little deeper, for already your aim is flawed. What you seek is not really my heart at all, but my – – What is this? I am suddenly at a loss for words. Soul!

∞: He’s refusing to speak to you

I: Grab him by his tail and bring him up. We are not finished with him.

S: WHAT! – Away from me

I: Listen. Calm down. Your efforts for my heart are in vain and wasted, I’m afraid; especially if your goal is to possess it. This is quite impossible.

S: It burns

I: Truth does, indeed. So anyways, you know this to be the case. What then keeps you going?

S: You do

[drawing. an odd symbol.]


[Drawing: A triangle, pointing upwards. A small circle is at each corner of the triangle.]

This is next for you to analyze

is home

[drawing: a vertical figure-8, and a horizon. One-half of the figure 8 is shining above ground. The other half is shining below ground]

Light in the darkness


ashley now is
going to stop
for you
hurry up



[drawing: a cluster of grapes with a vine going down into the ground, and into a circle below the surface. Next to the circle is written, “Christ my stone”]


Soon after the meditation above, I began having a daydream about being interviewed about the story behind the blog. I suddenly observed myself thinking this, as I started watching myself, and I thought “how did we get from there [the previous meditation] to here…” and I saw something more sinister than inflated Ego behind the wheel of my consciousness, as if seeing a clever trick and deception underneath the facade of the daydream.


I: Soul!

No answer.

you need
king energy
to speak
with Soul.

Come home.


To speak with Soul (∞)
I must access “the king” (○)

In other words

○ = coming home to my Self

and from that place
on that frequency
can I speak with Soul

And what if there are two?

Could you live with the fact that coming homing home to your self meant finding the other? For it was in the other where you saw your Self, and thus saw the other as well.

The other is not you.
And you are not the other.

The Father is not the Son.
The Son is not the Father.

Two sides
same coin

I: But they are NOT the same coin at all; their persons are distinct. They are one in essence; homoousia.

This then
is the meaning


I: Set

Don’t speak to.
Speak through ∞ (thru [fish/cross])



Set is undone if I live.
His threat is his existence.
He exists until Horus, and after.

ɣ: Ahhh. what have we here.

I: Speak

ɣ: All is well upon the bridges

I: Your flame is your sword

ɣ: My flame is yours

I: Anything to report that I should know about?

ɣ: Yes, there are a great many

I: Well, what then?

ɣ: You should come and see

I: What walks upon this bridge? Something dark, one eye, and purple (or is it midnight blue?) with tendrils or arms – I know not. Soul, what is this thing?

∞: Ask ɣ

I: ɣ, what is this?

ɣ: Your Self


You shine above
I’ll shine below
and the knowing of this
be your strength

꩜: Hi Ashley loves you
So breathe
and live again

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