Dhyāna IV



contain them
with the breath

it keeps them
from spilling out
and into the land

it keeps the energies
within your self
and to your self
and at your self’s

this is not possible without
total awareness
total centeredness
total surrender
to Self

a coming home

even for a moment,
even for a second,
just touching it,
returning to it,
brings awareness
and remembrance
and Peace.

and return.

Peace does not come without
Peace does not come without

Peace arrives,
and is only possible,
when the two are met
and joined as One

Have this mindset in you
wherever you go.

It is impossible to stay here;
you must live your life.

But it is possible,
and at your disposal,
to return
at any point
in any place
in any moment.

yours is to live
and take your light
unto your darkness
and shine

When you breathe, you shine
for it is in shining that a man sees;
by the Light of his breath
can he see

to step and stumble in darkness
is to step and stumble away from
this place

Return, beloved;

the wind in your chest
is an ever-flowing breeze
an infinity of wind
a coming and going
a filling and expelling
a running from and returning to
a never-ending looping
circle, flowing always,
without condition
without exception
without objection
without you at all
so long as your heart
is still beating

is it?

feel the drumming
in your veins
hear the thumping
in your ears
see the bouncing
in your skin

soul drums

and remember,
and find the song of Peace
heard deep within the echo
in halls of rib and fire

and still I rise


© Charlie Young, 2021

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