Dream Journal: Water Monster [c. 1990]

I was about 8 years old when I had this dream. It is the earliest dream I can remember.

In the dream I am swimming in a lake (or large river). My family was there with me. There were others swimming in the lake as well, but I didn’t know them.

I was swimming farthest out in the water.

Someone from shore spotted something in water. Soon everyone was alerted everyone to get out of the water. Everyone started swimming for the shore as fast as they could. There was panic and confusion, and worry.

Everyone had made it to shore except for me. I was furthest out in the water, swimming back as fast as I could. I could see people on the shore yelling for me to hurry. I felt panic and helplessness.

I knew the monster was coming for me. I looked behind me as I swam and saw the monster swimming after me. It looked like a crocodile, or possibly some kind of serpent-like water monster.

It swam faster than me. I knew it was going to catch me. It opened its mouth and raised its jaws. I remember looking back to shore and seeing everyone watching. I felt bad for them having to watch.

I was swimming and kicking as hard as I could. I felt the crocodile clamp down on my right leg. It felt so real I woke up – and my mom was aggressively grabbing my right leg, shaking me awake for school.

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