Dream Journal: Hotel Indigo [12/28/21]

December 28, 2020

*waking dream*

I was staying at the Hotel Indigo in Dallas when I had this dream. My son and I were staying there on a special Christmas Vacation trip.

I was reading on the couch in my suite’s living room while my son was fast asleep in the bedroom.

Something outside the door peaked my curiosity; I don’t remember what exactly. I think it was a sound of some sort. But I remember feeling extremely curious about who or what it was.

I went outside the door, and into the hall. No one was there.

Then I felt the presence of AL. I turned around, and she was standing there, in front of the door of our hotel room. She was hiiiiiiigh as a kite. (I couldn’t see him, but I felt PP’s presence there with us. This has happened several times…) Although I was I was very happy to be connecting, I was taken aback by the abrupt appearance, and told that them we need to go inside and out of the hallway. I let them know that Charlie was inside, and sleeping; I felt a bit nervous about them being here.

I opened the door and stepped inside our hotel suite. I locked the door.

And then they were standing there with me, right inside our suite.

We were standing in a small circle. PP was on my left, and AL was on my right. Then, we all held hands, and stood there in the small circle.

I felt curious about what we were doing. It felt intentional; it felt collaborative; it felt like team; it felt like we were us, at our very best.

Then, we dropped our hands, and stretched our arms out to our sides.

PP placed his right hand on my stomach; I placed my left hand on his throat underneath his chin.

AL placed her left hand hand on my groin; I placed my right hand on her chest.

It’s difficult to describe, but there was a glow, a heat. A healing.

From PP’s hand, I felt guilt, shame and insecurity surfacing for healing

From AL’s hand, I felt love, passion, vitality, sexuality, and connection.

It was beautiful.

There was a pleasure and a pride among us. Each one of us was impressed with the other, and grateful for what we were doing. Each of us was scared at first, each time a persons hand moved to their area to heal. But each person allowed it, and the vulnerability and healing was absolutely glorious.

And then I woke up.

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