Twin Notes ~XVIII~

TS –

Today was the COOLEST day when it comes to days when the “universe” is doin it’s thang

So much to say about today that in the “old school” days, it would be its own list.

So I’m gonna make one, as a placeholder for later (for myself) and because I feel like it’s important to put here now for reasons I don’t have words for.


So, pardon the madness dump.


Talking with you is talking with myself


– Happy Charadadonica. Starts tomorrow. Its “like Christmas, like Hannakah, combined, but better” as C says, so he named it “Charadadonica” 🤣🤣🤣 Gahhh this kid. We really ARE making our own religion on the other side of the fence over here lol

– new neighbor. K. He moved Moved in last week, we had a impromptu porch talk tonight for 3 hours over beers and and watching the moonrise (did u see it?) and holy shit. Holy SHIT. The kind of day that no one understands the weight of and only one another person (you ) ever could understand. Gah the weight of that is heavy. (And I know u know what that feels like too)

– 44 – oh man so much to say about this. Tbh I thought that was all shit until tonight/the past week. (“Shit” meaning numbers and such…. a week in a psych ward listening the crazies rant and rave about numerology can put the worst taste in your mouth….) but my convo with with K tonight was so cool. insanely eye opening…. Oh btw K is 44 yrs old btw… he asked me to guess via intuition….and I did….

– K is an established author. He is a ghostwriter. He writes memoirs and tells a persons story when they need help getting it out, especially ones that are complex to explain re: the relationship between the spiritual/numinous and the psychological science. Not ancient aliens gobbledygook. And not looney bin madness (though, i swear, I can’t tell you how much I truly loved going to csprings 🤣🤣 …. Greatest lesson on the power of empathy that I’ve ever had. I wanna go back, as an undercover writer, and just live there for a few weeks and come back with the next “The Office” but mental hospital edition. It. Would. SLAY at the Emmy’s 🤣🤣🤣🏆

– 1.21 Giggawatts

– Patches

– Bellybuttons and trauma (remember when yours “leaked”!🤣)

– Will/Wish/Desire (and the power of mutual alignment)



– Ts

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