The Children of Charadadonika

Dec. 23, 2021

If the mind’s machinations of
are not permitted to exist in these lands of old
in neither the shape nor the scent of the dead now
we shall nonetheless hail His Crown and watch the thin wisps waft and rise like a star most
with spontaneous proclamations of The Chara and His prophets disclosing the hidden and the
if not a hint of heaven nor scent of hell is
admitted here,
if the source of light that shines in this place that of lamposts lit by
if these be thusly showing the true conditions upon this path our very Trail of
then we, gladly now, and with joy, armed with the stories of the ancients and the
guidance and wisdom past yet living in the voices of our
we will ride out
and meet them
and contain them
and restrain them,
and place them in a makeshift home,
one built here and now and upon our road,
one now One, within Ourself.

We will become.

And we will hold these new conditions close to our
embracing as New and whole and bringing all the present forces within and within our domain,
across the spectrum from black to white and joining the bridges span from east to
and we will will open them and bring Ordo here, and bring them All into and unto and deep within our one Self

within our bodies and our minds and our present somatic domain, close close
embracing them and seating them next to our hearts within the circle, deep deep down
surrounding the chaos and offering to each the greeting of peace and the gift of grace and the blissful weapon of
removing and disarming and making void all powers and filling the darkness here with a curious stab of infantile
a single small hint of Hope through markers of mischief, shinning a steady flame upon the wanderers path like a makeshift
a strong and steady unmovable source of strength and truth, a lighthouse pointing the way for the
a place of shelter and refuge and welcoming for longing, for the journeying, for the
and those who sigh in the night. For them we herald a high place of honor and unity with a
front-row seat,
one seated on next to us, and with us, and closer still, side by side, and next to our very own

There is our manger.

This is the Star
we saw in the East;
this is the King
of whom we have heard;
He we have come to

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