The Long Dark Night Before The Great Bright Dawn of The Child of Chardadonika

Dec 23, 21

Into the Dark!
Into the Dark!
Into the Dark we go! 

We were born there
We were raised there
We long and sigh and groan

To the Dark!
To the Dark!
To the Dark – for us, back home!

To the places where we strengthen
To the pit that pours our veins
To the black pools of cool solitude
To the dungeons of thundering rage

In the Dark!
In the Dark!
In the Dark! Please, You!

Let us live!

Our tongues are scorched and empty
Our beaks all beg for bread
Our wings are stripped and useless
Our heads drip from the sweat
and drop down under weight of ra’s rays

O! The Dark!
O! The Dark!
O! The Dark, now comes upon!

…did we go there?
Did it come here?
How did we get….
from here… … there?

And thus spoketh
the one and only son
of the Charadad:

“CharaDad Anah Ka!”

Hark! A Child hails the message:

I -Not-The-Dark
(whom did not know The-Dark)
entered The-Dark and knew The-Dark
and born of Both yet Neither was
The Child.

The Child was not I-Not-The-Dark
The Child was not The-Dark, either.

The Child was exactly I-The-The-Dark.
And The Child was exactly The-Dark, too

But, not.

Exactly the same.
Yet, different altogether.

For The Child,
having now become both, but not both
and being both, but not being “two”,
became an entirely Something New.

(Some, perhaps, may even say “better”)

We come now, Dark.
We come now, Us
We come not, We unto You.
WE ARE now One with You,
by the will and according to the Ka within,
for now I AM become Dark
and yet, but not
and yet, but more
and yet, but now
The Two
yet home
in thus become
a Two when only
existing as a One

Now sleep in the deep dark inn most regal above, the small cabin
tucked just within the Great White Chest and find yet there
a cold room built and prepared and placed for youu there…
You, the Shadow of your Ka and of your King. Sleep in the heart of
His darkened Solstice lodge. Bring your preferred black coal;
stoke the flames that cool you from Light’s burns as you stay
using the furnaces provided unto you. The swaddling clothes.

All else may leave
if preferred
(He gives you what you want)
to the belly of the great great Dark
below, with glad tidings from our King
and a kiss of Peace and Love at the ancient
gate and when upon His bridge; which can feel
(especially when laying in a most humble manger)
like a sudden sting – the cold frigid waters of peace
splashing upon your back and head, jolting you back
to life after and among the fiery yellow flames of Light that
burn brighter than Ra whom you exist to

Now may the blessing
of the Father’s Only Begotten son,
my very Child of the CharaDadoniKa,
become an Infinity unto you forever,
and ring out among the aeons
in hearts and arms and innards and guts
to any and all above and below, and among
the land in between:
“Happy CharadadoniKa to All, little children. –
(and a double portion upon whosever comes at the next Dark Night.)

Now unto the Gathered,
Now unto the One they Are,
be safe-keeping and deep, strong abiding within His
chest. Now “Glorious Peace be upon you, dear Dark;
for Light has birthed its loving stab victory deep down
and into your heart. And behold – we see His Eastern

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