Twin Notes ~XIX~



Listen to me close.

close close close.

today (12/23)

was one of the most beautiful days

of my entire life – for many reasons – and no one would get it all but you

And so much of it was because of you

and gods be damned it would be a sin if one day I didn’t tell you all about it

Here’s one bit for now

(gah this about to be a crazy ass word dump. I’m sorry for that. It’ll make sense later)


During the Opening ceremony of “Charadadonika”

(🤣🤣 where the rules are “let’s be kids, and have fun” and creativity/imagination/childlike mentality are not only allowed and encouraged but required)

You shoulda seeeeen my mothers eyes… oh the judgement was palpable and delicious! Glorious! During the “opening ceremony” of Charadadonika (a holiday which lasts until the final night of Charadadonika in 10 days) C and I marched in slow, chanting and swinging incense as we walked in with draped hoods(lollllll) C blew an orthodox shofar and I blew a conch shell…. C (drapped with an actual rabbi hood from Israel) lit the frankincense crown chakra incense we brought and stuck a stick of it into one on umy moms own candles, lifted it high over here her and wafted it, and setting it down he asked me to play some “Indian Drums” on Spotify, and then stood up, raised his arms out to his side, became “The Chara” and screamed like a god at the top of his lungs 🤣🤣🤣🤣 ohhhhh and you shoulda seeeen my mothers face when I took on the rabbi hood and declared myself the High Dadonika and Father of the Chara Child and Lord of the Charadadonika and (as clergyman) did COMMUNION / MASS with lays chips and blackberry wine to commemorate thr CharaDad🤣🤣🤣🤣 and i (“as ordained and recognized by the state of Texas to perform the following religious ceremony over the people of Charadadonika”) took on the priestly garb that C was wearing and placed it on my head. I took out the elements: plain lays chips (C’s favorite) and transformed it into “the body of the Charand, given for you – take, eat, and remember him, and carry him with you now in your chest” and then I took some Kosher blackberry ritual wine (the blood of the Dadonika, “the cup, and sign of his covenant: his blood given for you, poured out for you so that you may live and have life” and dude – I literally lifted the cup to my mothers own lips and said “the blood of the Dadonika, shed for you and for the forgiveness of your sins” as she drank


She passed on having a glass of transubstantiated Dadonika wine with me during gift opening time 🤣🤣🤣🤣 For MY MOM to pass on a glass of wine ~ lemme tell ya ~ the only way she’d pass on a glass of wine is if it was (1) touched by a queer or a liberal (2) “satanic” and against her religion

Oh man. So much from yesterday to tell you about.

My sides hurt from laughing so hard

I see that life can be beautiful, and whatever we want it to be, if we make it. And we have the power to make it in accordance with the deepest desires of our heart.

Keep being you.

Merry Christmas

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