I The Living

November 18, 2020

Back yesterday from Guatemala. SO much to share. I wish you were here.

I thought about you every single day. I always do. Not one day goes by where you are not in my mind and in my heart. You are ever before me and behind, the inescapable mirror of my soul, bringing out the worst and best in me, bringing out ALL of me, and exposing it into view.

My ego runs too much of the show. The truth is: oh how I’m so grateful for you. You are an ever-present reality, even when gone… and that reality, when I set myself on the frequency of love, is grace and safety like I’ve never known. You sing the song that my heart has always sung, alone and afraid in the dark of a dead black night. You are the harmony and the major lift after minor’s fall. You are the proof of God’s existence and his Redemption chorus. And though you are dark and death you are all things Bright and Beautiful; the sun itself is a cosmic metaphor of your Being, and I the living soak the rays.


[Art: Luke Sammons]

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