The Hero’s Journey ~XII~

I, the perfect Forethought of The All, 
transformed myself into my offspring.

I existed first and went down every path.

I am the abundance of Light
I am the remembrance of Fullness.

I travelled in the realm of great darkness,
and continued until I entered the midst of the prison.

The foundations of chaos shook, 
and I hid from them because of their evil, 
and they did not recognize me. 

Again I returned, a second time, and went on.

I had come from the inhabitants of Light –
I, the remembrance of Forethought.

I entered the midst of darkness,
and the bowels of the underworld,
turning to my task.

The foundations of chaos shook as though to
fall upon those who dwell in chaos and destroy them.

Again I hurried back to the root of my Light
so they might not be destroyed before their time.

Again, a third time, I went forth –
I am the Light dwelling in Light;
I am the remembrance of Forethought;
– so that I might enter the midst of darkness
and the bowels of the underworld, I went forth
and brightened my face with Light from the consummation of their realm
and entered the midst of their prison, which is the prison of the body.

I said:
“Let whoever hears
arise from deep sleep.”

A person wept
and shed tears.
Bitter tears the person wiped away, and said,

“Who is calling my name?
From where has my hope come as I
dwell in the bondage of prison?”

I said:

“I am the Forethought of pure Light.
I am the thought of the Virgin Spirit,
who raises you to a place of honor.
Arise, remember that you have heard,
and trace your root, which is I,
the Compassionate.

Guard yourself against the angels of misery,
the demons of chaos, and all who entrap you.
And beware of the deep sleep
and the trap in the bowels of the underworld.”

~ The Secret Book of John
, 30,11 – 31,24

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