Midnight Mindfulness ~XXV~

Things are easier to control
while they are quiet.
Things are easier to plan
before they manifest omens.
Things break easier
while they are still frail.
Things are easier to scatter
while they are still small.

Prevent problems
before they arise.

Take action
before things get too difficult.

The tallest tree
begins as a tiny sprout.
A nine-story tower
begins with one shovel of dirt.
A journey of a thousand miles
starts with a single step.

If you interfere with things and rush into them,
you will fail.
If you hold on to things,
you will lose them.

The wise do not fail
because they do not interfere, 
leaving things to take their course.
The wise do not lose things
because they do not hold on to them. 

People usually fail
when they are about to succeed.
Be as careful of the end
as of the beginning,
and there will be no failure.

the wise desire no desire.
They do not value rare treasures.
They learn to unlearn
and return to what many have missed, 
so all things may be natural
without interference. 

~ Tao Te Ching 64

[Art: “The Blacksmith’s Forge”]

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