Twin Notes XXVI

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TAURUS/TAURUS RISING: Horoscope for the Cancer Full Moon

This lunation makes itself felt in the more ethical and moral dimensions of your stratosphere, highlighting matters where righteous certitude and enforced taboos or restrictions come on a little too strong and create enormous power struggles for you.

It is in the domain of the bigot, chauvinist and the religious or political crusader (or victims of such behaviour), where you exercise your most compulsive urge to challenge a rigid belief, employed to control and support a specific agenda or way of life. In any case, you may find yourself on the offensive or defensive here, as the Plutonian influence during this lunation is extremely strong and set to precipitate a monumental crisis.

Here you may see the most militant, judgmental proponents of your world, those prone to adhere to a strict set of beliefs and standards, maybe going along with the collective norms, but other times seeking to impose an entirely new view of morality.

Fiercely ideo­logical yourself, you may experience instances where karma arises from having imposed too rigid a set of judgements on others in the past, from fanaticism or enforced conversion, or from following too faithfully an idealism charged from some school of thought rather than what you truly believe.

This may bring on what they call “payback time”. A “black night of the soul” ensues, in which all faith and hope in the future seemed stripped away. The Full Moon here highlights a crisis of belief, leading you down the road into the depths of your core psyche, forcing you to question your opinions and hopefully transform your personal belief system into something more suitable by which to live, honour and uphold. Even if you thought you had it all worked out in the past, this moment in history may present revelations that not only challenge your fundamental notions of truth and ethical morality but could very well turn your entire viewpoint of the world around.

Hence this lunation aligns you to the transformative powers of a personal depth experience, merging personal freedom and morality in such a way where you must live from the heart, expressing yourself in a way that you know you must be.

Of course, possessing such inner freedom, you may be content to let others live and believe as they will too. It is time…

SAGITTARIUS/SAGITTARIUS RISING: Horoscope for the Cancer Full Moon

Under the force of this formidable Full Moon, the challenge for you will be to identify how you can best establish a connection to Pluto’s collective treasure-trove without being exposed as a greedy little monster who knows no bounds. It would be best to find somehow a way to express your power over the material world using your personal gifts and abilities rather than pushing your weight around.

Pluto’s limitless collective en­ergy aims to generate tremendous change and renewal globally, especially in business and politics. It has the power to supply you with enormous personal resources from which to draw upon to get ahead in society. How you use it is another matter. If you should become seduced, amassing this force all to your own selfish ends, then you may see its most destructive side come out during this lunation.

Succumbing to strong inner compulsions to acquire material possessions to secure your position and public status, you could become possessed with madness to achieve. As if intoxicated by greed and desire for dominion, you could become possessive, manipulating the resources of others for personal profit and prestige. The Cancer Full Moon may reflect the uglier side of this desire, especially if you have grown used to taking without regard for the feelings of others. Violation, exploitation and even abandonment may be the cry from casualties of your apparent abuses.

On a positive note, this lunation will show you how much you have developed a highly self-sufficient manner over the past few years. Whilst blessed with enormous potential to acquire goods and investments, the darker side may see you entrenched in old survival strategies that need to be transformed so that they do not make you ruthlessly destructive and power-grabbing. To embody the abundant Plutonian riches endowed to you, you will need to focus on the capacity to share and distribute caringly, providing others with everything they need to survive too.

Under this Pluto lunation, you may meet your fate in the things you think you own and the value you place on yourself. If you have not acted kindly, charitably, you may become perilously close to losing everything: being stripped naked and thrown out onto the street. Or it could be that the things you own provide you with little satisfaction and emotional security. Perhaps the world has little respect for you or looks upon you with scorn and envy.

It is a time to look deeply into what you do value. Is it superficial possessions or more intrinsic qualities? Are you in touch with your inner worth and value? In dealing with questions like these, new energy emerges that cre­ates internal connections that are more attuned to the collective need.

When the Plutonian influences coming through this lunation are working constructively, it provides an unshakeable faith in your own abilities, founded on genuinely knowing the depths of your core being. Use your immense ambition to manage and transform the entire realm of material/financial resources to make life much more emotionally rewarding, satisfying not just yourself but everyone.

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