Morning Mindfulness ~XXIX~

It took you
so many years
to credit
the miracle light,
though it always
made its
difficult way
toward you.

It took you so long
to see the way
understanding rises
from the very center
of your own body
everyday and luminous,
in arriving waves
of what only seems
like the ordinary.

You were
always the one
faithfully looking
for something
to call you on
amidst all
the difficult calls
of the living
and the dying.

And everything
in the end,
was just a brief passage

just the other
side of a short sentence
or a sweet
blank page,
just a dab of paint
on the waiting canvas,
for you
brush against
that touchable infinite.

And your future life
would always come back
to find you,
unable to be still,
stealing from it’s past
a brief kiss
from your
unsuspecting self.

~ David Whyte

[Art: E Joshua Jr]

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