I prepared myself as taught, and took up all the needed items, and set my face towards the woods.

Before exiting, he called me to his cross.

I placed my hand upon his chest.

“Don’t take any of that with you this time,” he said.

I immediately returned all of the items to the lodge.

I felt naked walking back to him.

“What should I speak to her about?” I asked.

“Cast the lots,” he answered.

I placed my left hand upon his chest. And with my right, I picked up the stones.

I cast the lots: a solid line.

5 more to go.

I cast again: and the third rock – incredibly, somehow – stood up on its side.

I was stunned.

I discount it, and decide to recast.

I cast the lots again: and the same thing happened, yet again – the third rock stood up upon its side. As if defiant. Certain.

In utter disbelief, I stare at the lots. I feel for my left hand, still resting upon his breast.

He is in this.

I tremble.

Confused (and chilled) at the outcome, and feeling helpless for an explanation, I look up at him. My face showed him my confusion, and my countenance begged him for an answer.

“Use your intuition,” he said.

“Take this to the fire, and know its meaning there.”

I turned towards the door, preparing to exit. And as I departed, I heard Holding Eagle urgently call to me, from somewhere inside the lodge: “To walk in and out, you have to stay center. Take to the Ark, and breathe when you walk the 4 ways.”

And I set my face towards the woods, and towards the fire, to meet with the W as planned.

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