Moon Mindfulness ~3/2/22~

A Pisces New Moon arrives on Wednesday, at 9:34am Pacific Time, forming a conjunction to expansive Jupiter who’s near to dreamy Neptune. The two planetary co-rulers of Neptune are beginning to tighten their orb, reaching an exact conjunction next month. This means that Piscean energies are on high— confusion, exaltation, hope, and connection to Spirit are all present during this lunation.

What is our ultimate attainable dream?

In the background, Venus and Mars in fall in disciplined Capricorn together with Pluto. This stellium insists that any exaltation we experience will be hard-won. We have work to do, shadows to face, and truth to tell. Difficult conversations are likely with Mercury and Saturn conjunct. It’s time to own our patterns, even if they’re painful to look at, and take responsibility for any wrongdoings that have caused others harm.

Through this hard work, so much love is becoming available to us. We’re beginning to recognize our shared human fallacy and come together to work towards peace and greater maturation.

In this place of not knowing, our fears could be ignited. Pisces insists that we go with the flow. She makes it impossible for us to control the outcome, asking us instead to keep our hearts soften no matter what—to keep the doors open to the possibility of redemption, unity, and even miracles.

Can we forgive ourselves? Can we love each other unconditionally, even as we set boundaries?

As Pisces pulls us into dream realms and imagination, it’s important that we don’t escape into addictions and illusions. If we fall into old traps, karmic reckonings will force us back into the cauldron. We’re facing our shadows and growing into kinder, more dignified versions of ourselves.

No matter how much we’re struggling, we can feel a glimmer of hope and endless compassion for ourselves and others. We’re figure out how to be human in a world that don’t always make sense. What new world are we ready to join together and build?

On this Pisces New Moon, may we relax our struggles and feel into the possibilities of healing, exaltation, and peace. May we step into our truth with fearlessness so that we can melt into our true essence, learning to love unconditionally.

~ Juliana McCarthy, “Ethereal Culture

[Art: Hossein Zare]


This potently Piscean lunation, the Sun and Moon fused with your ruling planet Jupiter, underscores the importance of the roots and foundations in your life and can reignite deep unconscious ties to family, parents and social traditions. 

Naturally, your instinct for security and stability has been seriously undermined by strong Neptunian trends over the years, silently eroding trust in past connections and casting doubt upon what to believe, where history, both personal and cultural, are concerned. By now, you might have thrown your need for domestic security adrift in favour of ego-dissolution and soul expansion. 

At this lunation, you will trust that most personal encouragements, attitudes, beliefs, value systems and identity markers constituted in your formative years will have either become expired, debunked or misleading now. Sentimental ties formed in the past are likely to distort your clarity and emotional stability as if their idealism has severely let you down. It is possible that any desire to return to a golden age, whence the feminine embrace of the family matrix offered security and protection, is now likely to have faded.

Hence, it may dawn on you that your early life experience was unsatisfactory and unfulfilling, where expectations of how the future will pan out are disappointing. Your home life becomes more unsettling and unstable.

The effects of a heavy Jupiter activation here promises great emotional renewal. All that you felt has let you down can be absolved, and whilst you accept that you can never turn back to the inner security with which you were born, an inner generosity of spirit will become apparent. 

With Jupiter’s tendency to broaden the scope of everything it influences – this reignition of your instinctive spirit is not limited to family, as you must expect. You will also sense a depth and sincerity in your affections, especially in your capacity to forgive any disappointments felt by family ties. With Jupiter here, such feelings would not be confined only to a small circle of people, and you begin to make your peace with the world.

Any residual parental frustrations that may have presented themselves as an unhappy marriage, the denial of ambitions or dreams, or a sense that you felt unsupported or misunderstood may come to light. Here is the opportunity to accept that parents, elders, guardians and protectors had their own inner wounds and were perhaps not as adjusted and capable to support you.

If a parent’s influence was very dominant – even in the passive (or absent) sense, you may discover that their way of coping with life has never left you. If you’ve had difficulty breaking free of the parental embrace and umbilical cord, you can now stand free as an individual in your own right. 

You may also see how distorted, subliminally received ‘family traits’, have been harmful or misleading. Patterns of delusory behaviours, ie, evasiveness, substance abuse and twisted attitudes, such as a family adherence to dogmatic religious conditioning or political beliefs, might have been difficult to process, let alone excuse and let go.

Your childhood and early, formative family life might provide vital information on satisfying your most profound emotional and domestic security needs. Sentimental attachments to your past and relatively outdated beliefs, still holding you back from experiencing true happiness and joy in the environment, are ready to be released. These will be renewed with a newfound faith that, in your heart, you possess all you need to call ‘home’ today.

Your true sense of self does not end at the body’s physical boundaries; your bank account. And money’s essential, but it doesn’t compensate for lack of emotional sense of security. If you don’t moderate your desire to own more, more, more, you will be defiled by idolatry and defined as a heathen. Worship material things less – real power and wealth are found in loving people.

New Moon Intention

I now pledge to explore and discern which elements of my early conditioning cause me to cringe with regret, feel weak or confused, avoid dealing with conflicts passively and feel shut out and isolated.

I must work harder to find a more gentle, compassionate way to handle any emotional problems which often stagnate my growth and maturity.

I will cease feeling inwardly sorry for my past disappointments. I will stop wasting precious time and resources feeling lost and restless by strengthening the skills and tools to rebuild faith following my most cherished inner dreams and fantasies.

I will expand my courage to access private, spiritual depths into which I can fall back if my consciousness diminishes. 

I know my reactions are often fueled by the pool of my early experiences, often partly hidden, even from myself.

~ Ang Stoic,


Friends, utopian visions and volunteering our time and resources are nice things. Still, the truth is that this world now offers little in the way of providing you with the impetus and drive to be generous that way within your community. Something has to change for communal life to be amazing again, and it has to start with you.

Perhaps it’s in your attitude. Studies show that too much ethnic and political diversity in the community reduces trust. For instance, you’d be more inclined to sacrifice your time and volunteer your services into a community that thought and looked more like you.

We all suffer from a very subdued, deeply ingrained set of biases and predispositions, and that’s ordinarily tolerable to an extent because we generally find ways to stick to our kind and evade dealing with ‘those others’. But in a world where even the most fundamental differences now seem so intensely polarised and patently intolerable, it’s hard to come together with any true sense of community spirit.

Still, you can’t expect the world to become a rosier place without you making an effort to transform your entire inner world. Let’s start there. Whilst there’s a lot that you may be happy with about yourself, unless you begin to let go and absolve all your fixed views about how society ought to be – both in how it should look and how it should think – you will allow yourself to be wide open to disillusionment and deception.

Perhaps you are fed up with becoming the patsy for your buddies who have taken advantage of your generosity, feeling like you’ve let them step all over you. Or you carry a stigma from being deceived by some random stranger, now choose to discriminate against a whole sector of the community. Not uncommon.

Suppose it was a man, say an ex, who did you wrong; took liberties; abused your trust. Do you now harbour distrust and suspicion on the entire male contingent?

Choosing only those who are loyal and trustworthy can be a great challenge to you at this time, and though you may still share a great deal of compassion for many, be sure to keep your options open. Yes, by all means, hold others accountable and do not become enchanted and misled by their flowery, unrealistic intentions, especially where romance is concerned.

“Keeping your options open” means maintaining an open mind, but also a loving, trusting heart. Sticking to your religious congregation, ethnic group, socio-economic class, gender and sexual persuasion, or generally “people like yourself” is not only limiting; you will find it gets harder and harder as the world diversifies more and more. In fact, some of the wars you hear about today are due to this very predicament.

The world you live in is about to undergo phenomenal shocks and switches. Make these as local as possible, and be the one who instigates the change rather than being the unsuspecting victim or martyr of divisiveness and hatred.

In a more negative sense, the Jupiter effect on this lunation could exacerbate any notions of superiority or social exclusivity, probably due to an inability to let go of past grudges and feelings of inequity. Perhaps a lack of willingness to understand that the root of the problem lies in the projection of our own fixed ego only reflects more fixity of minds and judgments based on superficial premises.

In a more positive sense, this potent lunation can inspire you to set your sights to a much more uplifting ideal, where you offer yourself to be an exponent for ‘something greater’, a social ideal that lies beyond the small-mindedness of all the “separate selves”. In this way, you may become a teacher or exemplar for a more unifying visionary perception, be it along spiritual, political, ecological, humanistic, or altruistic lines.

This may require that you look beyond the differences in others and hone in on points of similarity, anything that encourages togetherness, which increases peoples’ perceived value to the group rather than their shortcomings. Sacred rituals, too, ones that everyone can partake in, tend to alleviate adverse selection by applying a hard-to-fake, valuable gesture of commitment to the community.

The struggle may lie in finding ways to broaden your tastes and interests to increase the likelihood of serendipitous connections. The Pisces New Moon, blessed by Jupiter, will help to venture beyond the structure and cease castigating others you perceive to have an inability to make you feel superior. This attitude is a mere reflection of your insecurities and perhaps naïvety, in the sense that it’s easy for you to believe that those who fail to meet your standards are unscrupulous, outlandish, or ego-driven.

Naturally, such attitudes are not going to win you many friends. It may help if you let go of your desire to impose your beliefs as an absolute and your ‘kind’ as the ‘better kind’, but that’s not generally a thing we can rationalize. Real compassion for others must come from a much more subliminal place, like all faith – it must pour out directly and profusely from the heart, and that will take some practice, say in prayer and meditation.

Essentially, any conflicts you experience now, whether manageable or even violent, will only serve to reorient your attitude about a new, more inclusive understanding of the law, politics, truth, and the whole underlying thread of tribal human existence.

New Moon Intention

I take pride in my ability to command my destiny without allowing others to manipulate or dissuade me from pursuing my grand vision.

My compassionate and all-inclusive attitude is admired by others, which then inspires them to assist me in my striving to become a shining example of what the future promises for one and all.

As much as I honour my parents, I acknowledge that their rigid, now seemingly outdated views and standards, was primarily geared towards living up to their own standards and slanted expectations, not those of my heart or the spirit of those around me today. I will be the one who determines what standards are appropriate for my own contemporary society and its needs for a brighter tomorrow.

It is my solemn belief that I can never really follow in anyone else’s footsteps – even those I admire the most. I must blaze my own trail down a road that has never been travelled before. In this way, I will lead others who come to seek direction.

I will seek to champion a just cause that symbolises something greater than me as an individual, one which will improve the social conditions of my community. I will valiantly defend the rights and social justices of the underprivileged and oppressed, regardless of their creed, for the sake of the higher good.

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