SO much to write about from last night. I need to make a quick list for later: Reading I Ching for the first time, the meaning of hex 1, standing at the fire, – 

and what was happening at the time?
you remember

I remember reading the book’s entry aloud while walking around the fire… stopping at each corner sequentially …. and not realizing it until I’d come to the 4th…. and noticed that I was at that very moment reading something in the reading about “The 4 Attributes” (Wilheim translates these in his commentary as: subliminity, potentiality of success, power to further, and perservereance). 

and then


Need to make list of last night….

  • Reading I Ching Hex 1
  • Fire, 4 corners, 4 sides,
  • 2 nights ago: what were the items set on the fire’s specific corners and sides? List them.
  • AJ vision (2 nights ago? 3?)
  • The “Great Fire” (several nights ago) vs Fire #2 (2 nights ago)
  • last night: Asian man, from antiquity, servant/gardener vibe, busy w/ searching for something around and outside the fire, wearing a wide traditional conical/farmer hat. He did not speak to me and was looking for and gathering sticks…. he did not speak to any of the others and the others did not even notice him (???)
  • The Wasp Queen (this was nuts ).
  • Bringing The [Corn] Mother (and wasp nest) from inside the lodge to outside and to the fire with me
  • Wasp nest – returned and removed from the lodge and altar. (Apparently, the nest fostered/ something to/with The Mother inside the lodge. [what da fuuuuuuuk?]
  • Swing
  • “Bring a beer”
  • The Girl, on the swing and sitting left to me, wearing a white dress, her head resting on my shoulder.
  • The Mother adopting her into the tribe and bringing her into the lodge as Daughter. Singing softly to her.



A vision of Holding Eagle, standing on a plains hills ridge, and overlooking a valley. Some kind of traditional blanket draped over him and his arms. A circle in earring (or is it on/in his chest? Or both?)

H.E. stretches out his arm to the valley below. His head turns towards me. Without a word he invites me to come and look.

I look.

There’s a village below.
people, homes, activities
I can hear them. see them.
children running and playing.
and somewhere down there,
a hallowed rectangular lodge ground
and a circular hole in the dirt, the middle; the hearth of the lodge. I stare and marvel. Holy ground.

Holding Eagle takes me back to the top valley ridge, high above.

He stretches his arm out again, and bade me look.

I look.
And I see his people.
And I could feel exactly what it meant to him, all of it, deep in my bones.

Two hawk feathers suddenly appear behind H.E.’s head.

A hawk fighting in the air,
somewhere nearby;
the hawk loses.

Slain wolf on the prairie.

The buffalo gone.

He holds out his arm again, and bids me to look.

I look.

The Flood. Spilling into the Valley.

All stories,
all histories,
all connect in an instant.

And the Flood spilled into the Village
and drowned all the people
and flooded the village and the plains
and washed all things away.
And deep in the water below,
in a rectangular lodge ground,
now at the bottom of the Flood
where the waters will not – and
cannot – recede,
lay the great hole
in the middle of the lodge ground.
The holiest place,
now swallowed up
by the great Flood.

Then Holding Eagle brought me back to the ridge, and became odd and disturbed and panicked now as he communicated to me: “2 years,” he said, holding up 2 with his hand. And then he pointed to his wrist, tapping as if upon a watch-face, and repeated: “Two Years”

He held up the number 2 again.

And then his panic ceased. 

He again brought me back to the ridge, the same as before. But, this time: he extended his arm out over the valley again and bade me look, and so I looked and saw the flood was now a still lake. These shorelines former valley ridges. And I could feel everything underneath and within the waters. All of it.

Holding Eagle’s arm, still extended out over the “valley” and flood, now slowly moved to tap again on his wrist. 

“2 years….” he said.

2 hawk feathers appeared again.

And I looked and saw the waters of the Flood begin to, not merely recede, but return, in the direction from which they came, and slowly until Valley.

Holding Eagle, pointed to his wrist, looked at me with a joyfully pleased and amused smile: “2 years,” he grinned.

And the waters receded from out of the valley, and they were gathered up by a dam built far before the reach of the Village below, and the crystalline, golden shimmering waters of the River tricked through the village below, around and in and through it, like a dancing golden serpent. 

And then the dream ended. 

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