Lessons Learned ~XII~

I think I have said enough to make it very clear that active imagination is no lighthearted pastime.

It is a very serious step which should never be undertaken lightly.

It is true that it is not everyone’s fate to face the unconscious as completely as Jung did; such an exploration of it is a vocation and should never be undertaken unless it is approached for this reason.

But-and this is the reason I am beginning this book by giving some idea of the depths to which it may go and the changes in a person’s whole life to which active imagination may lead – there is never any guarantee, if we once start on this path, is to where it may lead us.

Above all, it should never be undertaken without a firm relationship to someone who will understand, or at least sympathize, for it sometimes leads into such cold and inhuman depths that human companionship is absolutely necessary to prevent us from becoming entirely frozen and lost.

Although it is essential to have a human companion in whom one can confide, the actual active imagination is a very individual and even lonely undertaking.

At all events, I could never do active imagination with anyone else in the room, however well I knew the person.

~ Barbara Hannah, Encounters with the Soul, p 11-12

[Art: LCS, July 12, 2020]

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