Coach Bostick & The Bat


When you look at me,
it would help you
if you understood
that when you see me here,
you see me, a man, in a mask.

I wear it on purpose.

It isn’t to hide my Self from you,
or to trick you, or to deceive you,
or to give you a cause for worry.
It’s not for you at all.

It’s for them.

My mask is a cape and a cowl.
And when you are with me here,
in this place and in this setting,
you meet with me
as with The Bat.

We’re NOT in the cave.
We’re NOT in the manor.
We’re NOT at a funeral or a fundraiser.

so DON’T
call me

Got it?

See that signal, high in the sky?
It means we’re on the clock, dammit.
It’s cape and cowl time.

The stakes are high.
The clock is ticking.
Gotham is bleeding.
And the city cries out for empathy.
Can you not hear it?

So suit up, old man.
We’ve got kids to save.


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