When Ego Rides Shotgun


The Ego has a funny way of casting
words that harm the Self with tasty

Commanding his weight as
some sacred bundle owner
of quick-fire suppression,
he spouts off silly things
like “I release you” and “it’s not in the stars”
while riding shotgun on the bus, eyes vying
evermore for the Wheel of the Will like some
closed-off, arrogant bigot of a CEO speaking
on behalf of the unsolicited, ungathered Board,
still yet spouting off shots (and keeping his “score”)
since he alone determines the next move,
since he alone perceives from great height,
since he alone sits above as Lone Rider,
since he alone holds the reigns of the Self.

Good sir,
I assure you,
he most certainly does not.

Let everything rise.

And let the True Self
rise up, ride out, and meet them all,
responding to each according to kind
and consumed by his great Ka within.

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