Moon Mindfulness ~3/18/22~


~ March 18, 2022 ~

The Virgo full Moon on March 18, 2022, is a time to heal. It’s a time to sit with our pain, trauma, and heartache and give ourselves love and compassion. Virgo is the sign of the goddess, perfect unto herself. This archetype carries many gifts, but the most important one is the power to heal.

How the full Moon in Virgo inspires us to heal

This full Moon comes to us after a long journey that spanned the past two years. It may bring up many emotions that were not processed at the time they were first felt. Now is the opportunity to sit with these feelings and know that you don’t have to be perfect to be loved. Life doesn’t need to be perfect, and, most importantly, you don’t need to make the perfect decision every time. You also don’t need to regret past decisions or make yourself suffer because of things you could not possibly have known.

Through healing, this Moon also offers us forgiveness. Forgiveness is one of the hardest forms of release—especially when we need to forgive ourselves. It is essential, though, on the path to manifesting our highest visions. When we hold anger or resentment toward ourselves or others, we block our ability to see clearly and attract the energy we need. It holds us in a lower vibratory pattern and takes away our ability to feel and express gratitude along with love and compassion. As you journey through this full Moon, ask yourself what you need to forgive. Do you need to forgive yourself for something or do you need to forgive someone else? Know that forgiving someone else doesn’t mean you have to let this person back into your life. We forgive other people for ourselves, not for them. Forgiveness is about you and your vibration—no one else.

It’s also important to look at how you need to forgive yourself. The low side of Virgo revolves around perfection. When we align with the shadow side, we expect ourselves to know all the answers. We put too much power in our own hands and forget that we are co-creating reality with the Universe. While we are in control of many things, we are not in control of everything. Events may happen that are simply part of our life, and there’s nothing we can do—or not do—to prevent them. Likewise, there are things that we can’t force to happen, either. There is a subtle balance between how much we can consciously control and how much we need to accept as destiny. While there is always free will, there is also a part of us that is connected to the higher consciousness of the Universe and will lead us subconsciously into situations so that we can learn the lessons we need in this lifetime.

All of this means that there will be times when we feel we made mistakes, or didn’t do enough, or made the wrong decision, or didn’t trust our intuition. The truth, though, is we are always aligned with the path meant for us, even if we don’t like it at times. When we try to control the outcome of every situation life presents, we undoubtedly fail at times. Because life isn’t meant to be controlled. It’s meant to be lived. It’s not meant to be perfect or follow some schedule that adheres to our efforts. It’s messy, chaotic, and beautiful. It shows us our greatest strengths in our darkest times, and it gives us our greatest gifts in the most unexpected ways.

Over this full Moon, notice where you have been expecting too much of yourself. Where have you expected yourself to be perfect and know everything? Where have you forgotten to trust life? Where have you put too much power in your own hands and therefore blamed yourself when things did not go your way? As you work on releasing perfectionism this full Moon, you unlock the pathway to real self-love. Ask yourself where you need to forgive so that you can stop vibrating in anger, resentment, or guilt. What healing is needed for you to shift your vibration?

Virgo reminds us that when we live in a vibration of self-love and self-acceptance, we align with our truest gifts. We can acknowledge the parts of ourselves that make us unique, and we can give our genuine offerings to the world. Virgo teaches us that we are each here to give our talents in some way to the collective. In order to fully give these gifts, we must first recognize them. And in order to recognize them, we must first heal. When we expect ourselves to be perfect, we procrastinate, become indecisive, and hold ourselves back. We forget about our brilliance, and we insist on perfection, which can never be obtained.

Through accepting our imperfections, we allow ourselves to fully show up in the world and show up for others. Yes, we may make mistakes and wrong decisions, and we may fail many times before we succeed. Mistakes are part of the process, and the process is different for everyone. Each of us is living our own karmic path, and that path includes many twists and turns. We are given lessons when we need them, heartaches to strengthen us, and moments of gratitude to motivate us. Some of this path we can control. Some of it is simply the journey of our energy this lifetime, which unfolds of its own accord no matter what we consciously do.

Harness the energy of this full Moon to forgive yourself, trust your life, and know that you are always co-creating your reality with the Universe. You call some of the shots, but you do not call all of them. Every mistake is a lesson and every hardship an opportunity to evolve your energy. Release the need to be perfect, along with the need to know all of the answers. Heal the part of you that worries excessively about the future because you feel that you can control the outcome. Instead, find a balance between taking action when needed and trusting the flow of your life.

What the full Moon in Leo with the Sun in Pisces means

On the full Moon, we are also working with the energy of the current Sun sign, which is Pisces. Pisces and Virgo sit opposite one another in the sky and share with us a wide spectrum of energies. The full Moon illuminates the extreme, or shadow, sides of each of these signs. We can see the higher vibrations as well, along with where we align with different aspects of these signs in our own energy and behavior. We then can harness the power of this Moon to release or shift the lower vibrations and integrate the higher ones where we need them the most.

Pisces and Virgo have a similar core of healing. They both are concerned with helping us understand our connection to the Universe, our intuition, and our ability to direct our lives. Both Pisces and Virgo teach us the fine balance between doing and being. They both encourage us to act from a place of intuitive knowledge when needed and trust our life path when the situation asks for it. Both of these signs are the great healers of the zodiac. Virgo helps us heal by reminding us to release our perfectionism and feel our inherent self-worth. Pisces, on the other hand, helps us heal by reminding us that we are infinite beings connected to the divine beauty of the Universe. Both of these signs teach us to trust ourselves and our knowledge, and to surrender to the path of our higher Self.

Pisces and Virgo differ greatly in the execution of their energy. Virgo relies on boundaries and form. Virgo is an Earth sign and seeks to define and give structure to our world. Pisces is boundless. It is a Water sign and seeks to connect and break down barriers. Where Virgo may seem rigid, Pisces seems unhindered. There are times when we need to align with the structure of Virgo. These include creating healthy boundaries between ourselves and others. They also include giving ourselves structure that helps keep our energy focused on what’s most important, which gives us the discipline we need for growth and evolution.

Likewise, there are times when we need to align with Pisces. Too much structure can make us feel bored or confined. We need an element of freedom in our lives. We need days with no agenda when we are free to follow the wanderings of our minds and energy. We also may need to remove some energetic barriers that initially feel protective but instead keep out the vibrations we need to manifest our dreams.

Virgo encourages us to act and do well. Pisces encourages us to be and allow. Both of these energies are needed for a successful life, but knowing how to balance them is the key to true happiness. When integrating the energies of Virgo and Pisces, know that the decision to either act or be comes from your intuition. Both signs heighten your connection to your inner knowledge, which is connected to universal knowledge. There are times when you can ask the Universe for signs and even put reasonable deadlines on these requests. You do not need to sit around and patiently wait forever for your dreams to manifest on their own. You can write clear intentions to the Universe, stating your desires. The key, though, is knowing that you are not consciously in control of everything. There are times when you will receive the unexpected, and it will be better than you imagined. This is where Pisces comes in and asks you to leave space for the Universe and your higher Self to work their magic and give you something better.

Feel this balance on this full Moon and open yourself up to receiving something that you did not ask for but is exactly what you need.

What to do this full Moon in Virgo

The work of this full Moon is to recognize where the lower vibrations of Pisces and Virgo show up in your life, then release them. By releasing them, you open the pathway to balancing the higher sides of the signs. You’ll find the key to doing and being, and know exactly when to ask with precision and when to trust what you receive.

The lower vibrations of Virgo include perfectionism and self-doubt as well as insecurity, seeking validation outside ourselves, and lack of trust in our path. They present in the form of procrastination, asking others for validation, and excessive worry. These extreme, or shadow, sides of Virgo can cause over-analysis to the point of paralysis. When we align with these lower vibrations, we fear failure, suffer from anxiety over inconsequential mistakes, and go over and over things needlessly. We also don’t trust the timing of our lives and instead feel we need to manage what happens and when. We focus on doing and miss the point of being. Virgo’s shadows can show you where you hide your talents for fear of rejection. These low energies cause you to never feel good enough. You may also look outside yourself for approval when only your validation is needed for you to put your gifts out into the world.

The antidote to these lower vibrations of Virgo is self-love and acceptance. Trust who you are, trust your life path, and trust your knowledge. Know that you have a unique gift to give to the world and, although it may not be perfect, it is needed. Your life does not have to be perfect to be full of joy and happiness. You also don’t need to know every step on your path. Some things are best left for serendipity and the unimaginable. Some things in life just happen, and nothing you do could ever control them. It is not your job to create a perfect life. Your work is to dance with what you can control and flow with what you cannot.

You also have an opportunity to let go of the lower vibrations of Pisces this full Moon. These energies show up as escapism, lack of commitment, and indecisiveness. They manifest themselves as various addictions to distractions that keep you away from your life’s work. Instead, they indulge a need to become emotionally numb. Lower vibrations of Pisces tend to show up when we feel overwhelmed by our feelings and have not processed them or allowed them to land in our conscious mind. To shift out of this lower vibration, sit with yourself and your feelings, becoming the observer of your emotions. Instead of reacting to them or feeling the need to escape from them, confront and acknowledge them.

Another low side of Pisces shows up when we forgo all decision-making and instead sit and wait for the Universe to hand us our next path. We forget that sometimes we need to act. While we do need to be receptive to our life path and the knowledge of our higher Self, we also need to be an active participant in life. Notice if you are going with the flow too much. Instead of taking charge when you need to, are you a passive participant in your journey? The key is to find balance between acting and receiving. Notice if you have gone to the extreme side of either of these energies. If you feel you are aligning with the low side of Pisces, make a decision and take the wheel of your life, even if it means you make a mistake, get lost, or feel confused. Trust yourself to make a decision and trust that the Universe will always support you.

The gift of this full Moon helps us balance and integrate the higher energies of Pisces and Virgo. It’s about walking a fine line between knowing when to take the right action and when to allow your path to unfold. It’s also about releasing perfectionism and trusting your life’s journey even if it feels chaotic. The first step involves healing and forgiving. Then it becomes about acknowledging how you align with the low sides of either sign, then shifting into higher vibrations. When you find a higher integration of these energies, you create a life full of intentions and well-planned desires, but one that also incorporates space for the things you do not consciously understand yet. You find joy and happiness in the unexpected. You know that whatever is unfolding is helping you evolve in this energetic lifetime.”

~ Jill Winterstein from The Yoga Journal

Sagitarrius/Sagitarrius Rising

Mysterious elements from your past, family secrets and shady ancestors that have done who-knows-what come to light under this lunation, not merely to stir up mixed feelings, vulnerability, hidden complexes and doubts about your entire identity. This may cause you to turn to self-judgment and questions about whether you have what it takes to make a go of any professional progress at all. This Full Moon is powerful and may signal an exceptional kind of dilemma for you.

While the Pisces SUN currently highlights your innermost personal issues, this can sometimes indicate the lack of emotional clarity you’ve become accustomed to receiving during your primary upbringing. This condition may haunt you throughout your life as a vague sense of foundations or messy domestic life. It may be the memory of a disappointing parent who wasn’t quite there for you, while at the same time fictionalized, idealized, even glorified.

This lunation could reactivate that constant feeling of not-belonging, abandonment issues and those distracting, changeable emotions that are the root cause of your inner restlessness. With Jupiter/Neptune also transiting Pisces and in near conjunction, any attempts to mask or gloss over that inner sense of emotional emptiness, feeling lost or displaced, by falling for a false narrative makes you feel like a fraud.

“Impostor syndrome” is a typical subconscious outcome here, in which you doubt your own skills, talents, or accomplishments and suffer from a persistent internalized anxiety of being exposed as a “fraud”. The problem is, that despite all proof of your relative proficiency to handle life, you may become convinced that you are a fraud and do not deserve all you have achieved.

Continuing self-doubts could lead to peculiar defense mechanisms based on this odd syndrome. For instance, if you’ve had to face addiction problems in your closest family or passive aggression accompanied by emotional blackmail, this can carry over into your adult life. In an attempt to camouflage any strange home behavior, you may have developed ways to “put on a brave or happy face” for others, so the domestic dysfunction remains well-hidden from you even while it may be blatantly evident to others around you.

While the opposing Virgo Moon will contrast how much you turn to oratory fulfillment and academic grandiloquence, needing to read, study, journal and write, the truth you seek is all about untangling yourself from a vague personal history, where ancestors seem blended together into a mush that is truly difficult to understand. This yearning to know yourself is commonly why it is difficult to achieve healthy relationships, making you feel detached, lost, lonely, or even depressed.

A deep, mysterious quest to know your true home and family is about to commence, yet unfortunately, it creates a challenge to maintain a satisfactory life/work balance. You seem in a quandary, sick to death of feeling like you’re “faking it”. You know you have talent, but it may just not be easy to apply it to derive the material benefits you need, and you are tired of relying on ‘luck’. Getting support from those closest to you may not be easy, and if you still feel let down by someone at home, or a parent figure, this may need some counseling.

Find out how to use your verbal skills to get the feedback you need to prove that you are on the right track.

Draw the line and don’t waste time. You may have to try your hand at whatever comes along just to get moving if you feel stuck in a rut. If you find yourself in a situation that doesn’t make sufficient demands on your talents, examine your motives. What are you doing there? Are you selling yourself short? You could be locked into circumstances that give you few spiritual rewards, despite satisfying your sense of security and material needs.

Opportunities to show what you can do with your creative imagination, especially in dealing with the public, are there; you just need to stay clever and not expect things to happen without taking a risk outside the norm. If you need confirmation, look to your achievements, not others’ approval. There’s a chance to make a meaningful social contribution by tapping into your sympathetic understanding of how to help out with people’s problems. The admiration, appreciation and support you win will improve your self-esteem.

Getting out of the house may be necessary. You may need the space and time to work out any emotional problems and develop a clearer perspective about who you indeed are in the context of this time. We are all children of a dysfunctional, possibly abusive past. You may decide that being on your own may better suit everyone concerned, especially if you have developed some toxic, symbiotic habits or addictions.

You may also choose not to form intimate associations at this time, valuing your personal truth, freedom and independence more than being in any sham relationship. Unconsciously, you probably do not want the kind of relationship your parents had, no matter what it was like. Even if you consciously believed your parents might have been the perfect couple, realistically, someone who is most unlike your parents might suit you best.


Under the light of this Full Moon, you must find a distinct way to muster your sense of self-confidence since friendships and the general flow of where society is headed seems hazy and unclear. Purity may be the key to forming solid relationships, but everything is prone to change and endings, infections and delusion with so much happening in Pisces. Hence you must be ultra-careful about placing faith in others if you wish to avoid complications and difficulties.

With the Full Moon in Virgo, the main challenge is to avoid self-criticism on the way to happiness. It seems the only joy can be found in details, in jobs well-done, and attending to everything that needs fixing with extra love and attention. Spending more time with kids, animals, delicate pet projects can be extremely rewarding if you put in the time and effort.

The problem, however, hides in the fact that you only love damaged things, folks who are in some way broken, sad, or partners that need to be “fixed”, changed or rescued from the not-quite-right department. This reformist attitude is accentuated even more since Venus is currently in Aquarius. You may feel that way about your entire community or even society at large.

Something certainly needs fixing and with the Pisces stellium, you may develop high ideals about how best to reimagine society, knowing that everything is currently prone to change and endings. You may observe many friendships begin only to end quite rapidly, pushing you in the right direction. Others who lack intimacy or appear insincere will be kept at a certain distance. What you need to do most is sink your soul into people, show your depth of affection and compassion and give in to every relationship that feels good without fear of betrayal or loss.

It matters little if your friends are lost at sea, in a distant land, strictly online or in your dreamland. So long as you share an emotional bond, wherever they are, then this is enough to inject your life with a worthwhile purpose and provide you with a sense of creative inspiration.

If your focus is to work hard and gain greater security for them and yourself, your friends will motivate you enough to develop some new material – something that is entirely out of this world. After all, nobody can incarnate the improbable and the sublime in quite the gifted way that you can deliver subsistence and form to your dreams.

Be mindful not to dictate to your children the achievements you expect from them. It would be better to let them shine in areas of interest to them rather than expect them to be mediocre in the careers you desire for them.

Because you are a romantic, you’re probably feeling a bit bummed by the apparent lack of future options at this time. You may worry about posterity and our children’s future. Have faith that tomorrow will bring a whole raft of new promises and hopes their way, and they will dive into those as their time comes. Chin up, for now. Enjoy what’s on the table, savor it to the fullest, and if you have to ‘change’, do it gracefully and without causing a disturbance.

Involvement in groups and organizations, notably leading any movement that promotes reforms, new ideas, and advanced spiritual concepts, is best, developing social connections even in the context of otherwise traditional areas.

~ Ang Stoic,

[Art: HolgaJen]

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