Dream Journal: JP Pt 2 [4/10/22]

There were two things happening in my dream last night.

First, I remember talking with Jordan Peterson. He was telling me about the importance of doing things one thing at a time, keeping focus on the one task in front of you, and accomplishing it. And then repeating that over and over. I remember him talking to me about voluntary exposure to that which terrifies me most. Facing it in small increments. and doing that over, and over, and over again.

The second thing I remember is that AJ was there with me. Not for me. But with me. This is hard to explain. It felt like she was there with me as a team. We were of the same mindset, same goals, same direction, same commitment same intensity same resolve. We were working together, side-by-side and towards the same end.

And then I woke up


Predominant feelings in the dream: confidence, seriousness, inner balance and harmony, tao and centeredness, maturity, passion and perserverance, steady resolve and commitment, and joy in the process of leveling up.

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