the highway of the gods


OThe scriptures were right:
Truly indeed it is a fearful thing for a mortal to fall into the hands
of something, anything, that could ever be called “all-mighty”

And perhaps this is one reason
why it is said in all those old stories
that men, when following their path
(or running from it)
may find at times the road they go
comes cross upon the highway of the gods

they almost always fall, upon their faces,
in awe and
in fear and
in worry and
in wonder and
almost always all at once
(all except for Dagan, of course; he took a while)

Compare & contrast this, friend, with the women of the book and see for yourself what valuation is given to them by watching carefully how their reactions are recorded according to the carefully chosen details in the teller’s telling; framed and penned, mind you now, by men – and middle eastern ones, too.

Claims of racism here displays literary ignorance.

Only the Devil remains standing still and tall in the end, alone at the top of his own bottom, and all the more-so thrilled to be there because of it; he himself happy to continue conceiving divine Indifference, a dark shadowy immaculate conception of his own hell, alive and very well indeed among the mighty mortals of men now walking upon the earth.

And the ones who say
they are moral and right
while making men slaves
beneath their own height
are His very own children.


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