Moon Mindfulness ~IV~



As much as you sometimes doubt your strength to keep going, know that you have everything the rest of us wish they had to u what needs to be done. You’re relentless, steady, and disciplined enough to make a unique contribution to this world. You just need to be better informed. With Mercury conjunct Uranus in your sign, your curiosity may finally be stirred enough to make you question how best to deal with the current situation.

Somehow you’re seeking to make some sense of everything, seeking greater connectedness by synthesising information into more holistic patterns. Despite the growing social complications in today’s complex world, your desire to clarify things; make them simple and easy to understand becomes paramount now.

The influence of Mercury will be biased towards producing fact-based, scientifically rational answers, although Uranus will lean towards a more universal, intuitive sense of inner knowing. Regardless, it is not what you know but how you get your message across (if at all) to others that is key here.

Being able to see things is one thing. Piecing it all together in a way that makes any difference could be a challenge.

Much of what you see is deeply provocative, controversial and conflicting. However, you may prefer to keep any conflict deeply hidden rather than out in the open. You may choose to escape to your fantasy world, denying the depths of other people’s despair and disowning their anger and frustration until ill feelings erupt at you, seemingly out of nowhere.

It’s not that you’re deliberately ignoring the problems others are facing; more likely that you are genuinely unaware of the extent of the crisis surrounding you or the matters your loved ones are trying to deal with. It might help to listen, even if you think you know all the answers.

So, where do you start? Who do you listen to first? What do you take on board as worthy of your attention? This could be one of your weaknesses – that you’re so overwhelmed by peoples’ stories and insights that you fail to gain any perspective in your surmising of the situation. Rather than solving problems, you’re inundated by novelty, distracted by whatever sounds fresh and unusual. Similarly, others may find your bevvy of ideas stimulating and delightful, but if they do not keep up with you, you may become very impatient, even irritable or dismissive.

This may cause you to withdraw from social contact, retreat somewhere you can be alone to concentrate on demanding issues, meditate and pray for long periods, and generally contemplate the finer things in life.

Finding a place where you are not too easily distracted can be somewhat advantageous under this lunation. However, it can also hurt you and be hurtful to your loved ones when you show that you are genuinely unaware of your behaviour’s impact on others and their problems’ effects on you.
So what to do? Take a deep breath and learn to be very still – not lost in your own thoughts but becoming watchful of the true nature of those surrounding you. You will start to sense a powerful awareness of the unrealised potential in both situations and people.

Do not be put off by those not exploring this further, for this only leads you into the reclusive world of intellectual arrogance and dissent from humankind. Realise how you hinder or isolate your social significance by holding ignorant, objectionable theories. This only makes your journey more difficult by creating enemies who secretly cast aspersions upon you and your denigrating behaviour.

Become aware and curtail your tendency to be moody, sullen and withdrawn, even in isolated situations. You possess a very strong awareness that the universe is filled with higher laws and greater powers than any mere human understanding, visible beyond those of just our normal senses. Even if this sometimes creates severe upsets and upheavals, acting on your “sixth sense” or working with “higher powers” will help you achieve extraordinary effects, particularly in your daily work practices.

However, any upsets or confrontations you face at this Full Moon are merely minor disturbances. For, in the greater scheme, your vision or dream is always to bring things down to earth. After all the excitement and turbulence dies down, you will find that staying grounded is still the safest place.

You might just have to stop and do a little meditation (or prayer). Ask yourself what is working for you and what isn’t. Ask yourself whether you’re working hard just to keep things together or are determined to find new, provocative ways to help yourself and others. See how the past is full of people you have attracted into your life whom you have wanted to indulge, simply because they have asked you for help. Ask yourself whether those people were trying to take advantage of you or just there to help themselves.

If indeed, you’ve been stuck in situations or relationships which only serve superficial means, then this will be the time that you may choose to disengage from these. If you really want to help, then it is by your conscious efforts, not mere charitable handouts.

Whilst on some level it is pleasing to know that when we are helping others we are somewhat serving ourselves, you will now ask whether your noble sacrifice is actually doing others any good or simply enabling them to feel incapable of helping themselves.

This Full Moon harkens a critical time when you will fundamentally decide whether your usual drudgeries are genuinely getting you (or anyone) anywhere at all. It is time to end the old routine and bravely embark upon a venture that takes you in a direction you’ve not yet dared to travel before.


You have so much competitive potential right now you may be bristling with excitement. However, knowing where to point your enthusiasm and developing it into something viable should be on top of your list if you are going to face tomorrow with any degree of competence.

You know you want to expressly be known for who you are; don’t want your individuality to be influenced by anyone else, refuse to be hampered by others, a little temperamental, and your “devil may care” attitude could lead you into all sorts of licentious and unruly behaviour (according to all the critics, anyway).

Have you ever been accused of being a bad sport or a sore loser? Whether it’s political debate, sports, card games… whatever creative enterprise that tests your initiative, drama or aggression could rouse enough strife and conflict to throw everyone off right now. 

Strangely, you could care less about what others think. There are no rules to govern creativity and flair, and you intend to express a style that is distinctly your own, to live, love and compete by your own authentic design. 

So what are you waiting for?

You may feel frustrated or delayed in the pursuit because you don’t have the freedom to move around as you please or feel a bit low about yourself…

You’re possibly sceptical that you can achieve very much by yourself, so you come to rely on others to stimulate you to explore your creative talents.

It’s possible, however, that an increasing degree of upsets, letdowns and disruptions over the recent times may have taken their toll on you. Still, in saying this, any setbacks might have strengthened your remarkable determination and have only re-empowered you to take a whole new approach to tackle the future.

Don’t be afraid to dream the impossible. Your tendency to cling too tightly to the support of others will only deny you access to what you need for the future. And don’t feel intimidated or discouraged by friends who encourage you to stay stagnant with any supposed obligations towards them.

Deep inside, you know that there is something so unique about you that, once you set about developing your ‘special brand’, the world will know exactly who we are talking about whenever this quality, mannerism or creation is mentioned.

This Full Moon could bring about an important lesson to be learned through children or lovers. Identify ways to tap into and express your creativity. Let your inner child be expressive and ask yourself, “what do I enjoy most?” Is it nature, sports, theatre, art, cooking, music, intimacy, sexuality, romance, adventure, time with your children, volunteering, travelling, or a combination?

Once learned, the lessons that could change your whole lifestyle are within these fun activities. A solid competitive streak, lots of enthusiasm for your distinct brand of self-expression, and a vibrant inner calling to be known as the maverick within every arena that you dance are just by-products of this stellar initiation into a new world for you.

As much as you need to feel admired to express your best possible self, just remember, you don’t have anything to prove who you truly are to anyone but yourself.

~ AngStoic

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