Dream Journal: JP Pt. 3


Two things were happened in my dream last night (there was much more to the first, but I can’t remember):

The first thing: I had just arrived someplace in my car (I was driving some SUV) and was standing at the back of the vehicle. The back hatch was opening and I was standing under it, loading something into the car. It gelt like I was there to pick someone up and was handling their luggage. Two people were suddenly there, ~ but they approached the vehicle from different directions. As I was loading something something from the car, one of them came up to me, put her hand on top of my hand, and interlocked the fingers. I turned to see who it was and it was AJ, on my right hand side. She was smiling. Steve, who approached me directly in as I stood there with AJ on my right, looked down towards his right, sorta chuckled, looked up at me, kinda smiled, and very slowly walked towards me with eye contact the whole way, and gave me a hug. His eyes were a mix of kindness, weariness, defeat, humor, and a yearn for friendship. He was weary, and I could feel the weight of his path.

The second thing: Jordan Peterson was talking to me about getting up, and getting to work on puting relationship issues to rest that need to be at rest. Specifically he was talking to me about my family.

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